LTA Seizes Non-Compliant PMDs During Operation At Yishun Dam, Riders Held Illegal Races In Area

LTA Seizes Non-Compliant PMDs & PAB During Targeted Operation In Yishun

PMD riders are always urged to follow road safety rules and only use their devices on designated paths and roads.

However, Yishun dwellers may have been feeling frustrated lately after having to put up with irresponsible road users in the area.

On Sunday (29 May), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that they conducted a targeted operation on a group of riders known for holding illegal races around Yishun Dam.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

They seized four non-compliant personal mobility devices (PMDs) and one power-assisted bicycle (PAB).

Authorities confiscate 4 non-compliant PMDs & 1 PAB at Yishun Dam

On Sunday (29 May), LTA announced in a Facebook post that their enforcement officers caught a group of riders with modified, non-compliant, and unregistered active mobility devices at Yishun Dam.

non-compliant pmds

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

During the operation, they seized four non-compliant PMDs and one non-compliant PAB.

Three of the vehicles were unregistered. Another two bore false or handwritten number plates.

Riders reportedly held races at Yishun

According to LTA, this specific group of riders had been holding illegal races regularly in the Yishun Dam area.

non-compliant pmds

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

They were also guilty of riding their PMDs on roads and footpaths, which is not permitted.

Riders caught using their PMDs on roads, footpaths, or pedestrian-only paths may face a fine of up to S$2,000 and/or three months’ jail.

Repeat offenders may face a fine of up to S$5,000 and/or six months’ jail. Authorities may also seize their PMDs.

Always register your PMDs & PABs

In light of this, LTA also took the opportunity to remind all PMD riders that they can only use their devices on cycling paths and Park Connectors.

PABs may be used on roads, cycling paths, and Park Connectors.

For more information, you can refer to LTA’s chart on their website.

All riders should also make sure to register their devices and conform to existing device requirements.

This includes having the necessary certifications to improve safety and address fire risks, LTA added.

Lastly, LTA strongly advises cyclists and active mobility users to be responsible and follow traffic and device usage rules.

Abide by road safety rules, keep others safe

It’s good to know that the authorities have taken action against such dangerous and irresponsible road users. Every bit counts when it comes to preventing undesirable consequences or unthinkable accidents.

Hopefully, this operation will deter others from engaging in the illegal use of PMDs and PABs — for their own sake and that of others.

That way, we can all have safer shared spaces.

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Featured image adapted from Land Transport Authority on Facebook.

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