Redditor Captures Final Moments Of Novena Underpass

Underpasses in Singapore may rarely evoke a strong sense of nostalgia for many of us, but the Novena underpass undeniably does.

To make way for the construction of the North-South Corridor (NSC), the underpass was sadly closed in the wee hours of 25 Feb.


One Redditor decided to capture the final moments of this beautiful underpass.

Novena underpass closed on 25 Feb

As part of ongoing efforts to ease commutes, the area around Thomson Road will be undergoing a major overhaul.

The NSC project will see the closure of several underpasses there, including the iconic Novena underpass.

A sign was put up there yesterday (24 Feb), informing the public of the closure from 12.30am on 25 Feb.


Now that it’s no longer open, many are reminiscing fond memories of walking through the underpass.

Colourful décor set Novena underpass apart

Unlike other underpasses found in Singapore, the one at Novena sticks out with its bright colours.

Not only do bright tiles line the floor, the entirety of the walls are covered with artwork done by children.


One will always stop, or at the very least take a quick glance, at the artworks while making their way through.


Those of us who often walked along this path as kids ourselves would certainly miss the joy of marvelling at the designs.

Even adults who take the underpass after a long day at work may find comfort in the place’s jovial colours.

Netizens reminisce memories of the underpass

It comes as no surprise that many Singaporeans hold fond memories of this underpass.

This Redditor mentioned that he used to consciously choose to only step on the coloured tiles — while enjoying the music from the street busker uncle.


As Asian as it gets, we resonate with this comment immensely – as did many others.

Others who visited the nearby tuition centres often growing up remember using the underpass to get to their weekly classes.


This Redditor hopes that the art pieces on the wall will not disappear along with the underpass.


Hopefully, the authorities will return them to the original artists, or preserve them somewhere else.

Thanks for the memories

Even though the demolition of the underpass is necessary to construct the NSC, many will still mourn the loss of this iconic underpass.

From shielding us from the Sun and to giving us convenient shortcuts between major locations in Novena, we’ll remember the underpass for all that it has done for us.

Will you miss the Novena underpass? Share your memories with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.