NSmen To Get $1,600 Monthly Base Pay During ICT, Unemployed Servicemen Included

NSmen Monthly Base Pay Claim Process To Be Streamlined & Automated

NSmen who are unemployed or undergoing training will soon have an easier time submitting make-up pay claims for their in-camp training (ICT).

On Wednesday (2 Mar), Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced an upcoming initiative to streamline and automate the claim process. NSmen will also be eligible for a new monthly base pay of $1,600.


While it remains unclear when the initiative will kick in, over 100,000 NSmen and 25,000 employers are expected to benefit from the move.

NSmen to get $1,600 monthly base pay, pro-rated to call-up duration

Speaking during the Budget debate on Wednesday (2 Mar), Dr Ng Eng Hen announced that the make-up pay claim system would be “streamlined” and “automated” soon.


When the initiative kicks in, NSmen will be eligible for a “default base NS pay” of $1,600 per month. The amount is pro-rated for the duration of their ICTs or other NS activities.

Dr Ng said the move would benefit those employed informally and those undergoing training.

In particular, the initiative will tackle a “longstanding issue” for NSmen who had to submit documents to show their fixed and variable monthly income to be eligible for compensation.

Minister of State for Defence Heng Chee How will reportedly be sharing more details about the initiative on Thursday (3 Mar).

Additional $2,000 cash reward upon hitting NS milestone

In addition to the streamlined and automated make-up pay system, Dr Ng also announced a cash reward of $2,000 for NSmen upon clearing any of the 3 NS milestones:

  • Finishing full-time NS
  • Completing 3 high-key ICTs or 5 reservist cycles (including 2 high-key ICTs)
  • Completing all 10 reservist cycles

Additionally, Dr Ng announced that full-time NS enlistees would undergo “functional assessment” during their pre-enlistment screening.

The assessment will provide a more accurate gauge of whether the enlistees can perform tasks associated with specific vocations.

Tapping on technology to streamline processes

It’s great news that our MINDEF is leveraging technology to make things simpler and standardised for servicemen.

Hopefully, the changes will serve their intended purposes. This way, affected NSmen will have an easier time submitting make-up pay claims for ICTs and other call-up activities.

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Featured image adapted from MINDEF on Facebook

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