NTU Says Students Need Not Be Concerned Over Safety As Police Are On The Case

Update (15 Dec, 10.15am): A 19-year-old student is being investigated for “false assault claims”, after police investigations were concluded on 15 Dec, according to The Straits Times.

Police Debunk NTU Assault Case, 19-Year-Old Student Investigated For False Claims

An incident involving a major police presence unfolded at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in the wee hours of Sunday (15 Dec) morning.

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In a recent update on the situation, NTU has assured students that there is no cause for concern on their immediate safety in a tweet from their official account.

Here’s the tweet in full. We summarise the facts of the case below, as we await a scheduled police statement later in the day.


It’s important to note that the police are now reportedly investigating a 19-year-old student for “false assault claims”, according to The Straits Times.

Police cars & uniformed personnel spotted on campus

At around 1.30 am on 15 Dec, social media was rife with speculation after multiple police cars and uniformed personnel were spotted near Hall 16 and Arts, Design & Media school at NTU.

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Amidst rumors of an alleged assault, a notice was issued on NTU’s Student Union Instagram page at around 1.30am, for everyone to remain indoors as police investigations continued late into the night.


NTU tweet assures students not to worry about safety

At around 8.42am, NTU’s official Twitter account issued a tweet to address the rumours.

The statement reads as follows,

The University would like to assure all students that there is no cause for concern for their safety on campus. NTU is working with the police and an official statement will be issued later today.

In short, the school assured parents and students that there was no immediate cause for concern for the “safety of students”.

Confirming that they were assisting the police in investigations, the school promised to address the matter in a statement to be issued later in the day.

Let’s await the full statement from the police

The Straits Times has now reported that a 19-year-old student is being investigated for “false assault claims” according to the police.

We’re sure that the story will be made clear once the full statement is released. In the meantime, do look out for our updates on the situation.

MS News has reached out to both NTU and the police for updates on the incident, and will continue to follow the case closely to provide timely updates.

Stay safe, everyone.

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