NUH Doctor Confirms There’s Enough Beds & Equipment In Hospitals

Singapore’s Covid-19 cases have been growing exponentially, and during this, there are concerns that our hospitals may become overwhelmed.

A doctor at the National University Hospital (NUH) has however, come out on social media to reassure us. We have enough beds and equipment to overcome Covid-19, Dr Benjamin Tung shared on Facebook on Sunday (5 Apr).


All is calm at NUH

Even as Singapore goes into “circuit breaker” mode to beat Covid-19, hospitals keep calm and carry on. Despite the lingering presence of Covid-19, there is also a sense that this is the new normal.

As patients don’t choose when to fall sick, Dr Tung shares that working on Sundays is part of the job.

Even volunteers doing temperature screening have become a familiar presence at NUH.


As a doctor specialising in cardio, Dr Tung receives patient lists daily of those who’ve been cleared of Covid-19. He can then follow up with specialist work — in his case, it’s cardio.

Doctors, nurses and other supporting staff also go on with their daily work, replacing bedsheets and making food for patients.

While everyone’s tired, they’re still in good spirits. Even during the circuit breaker month, work will continue. They know they’re essential workers.

There are enough beds and equipment at hospitals

While many places will shut down for the next month, hospitals and other essential services chug on.

We can still get food, as Dr Tung notes, albeit only dabao, or takeaway.

Thankfully, hospitals still have beds for patients, according the the NUH doctor.

There’s also enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for everyone. Because of this, there’s a lack of fear among healthcare workers despite there being more Covid-19 cases.

This is possible because Singapore has planned for something like Covid-19 for years, Dr Tung shares. As he puts it:

There really is no better place to be in the world right now, especially if you are a frontline warrior.

Stay home to play your part to stop Covid-19

Now as Singaporeans not in essential services, we have a part to play too, by staying at home as much as we can.

Just know that if we do happen to catch the virus or otherwise come down with something else, our hospitals will take good care of us. This, Dr Tung assures us, will be the case.

But if we don’t stay at home, more Singaporeans might fall to Covid-19. They could be your family and friends. It’ll be tough, but if that’s what’s needed, we can and should sacrifice our lifestyles to do so.

Otherwise, all the work our frontline staff do on a daily basis will be wasted.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.