Nurses In Wuhan Are Getting Pixie Cuts To Work Better On The Frontline

Many women grow their hair to achieve their desired appearance but some nurses have chosen to let it go instead.

On Wednesday (12 Feb), South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that nurses in Wuhan are cutting their hair to fight against the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since they wear goggles and hazmat suits all day, long hair could get in the way of their work.


Here’s the video featuring the story of Wuhan nurses.

We’re in awe of nurses fighting on the frontline, so here’s a look at the sacrifices that they are making.

Nurses get haircut

The video by South China Morning Post (SCMP) begins with a hairdresser cutting and styling a nurse’s hair while clad in a protective suit and face mask.


One customer smiled in the mirror she saw her new look.


The satisfied nurse said,

My hair looks better than before.

She then revealed her past hairstyle through an image on her phone.


She asks the viewers,

Doesn’t my hair look better than before?

Long hair could get in the way of a nurses’ job because they must wear goggles and hazmat suits during their shifts.


They fear that they may get the virus through the cross-contamination of their hair.

People watching their haircuts in the sidelines were amazed by their sacrifice.

A woman told SCMP,

How much courage does it take to make this decision?

Nurses receive public praise

Many nurses also posted pictures of getting their haircut on Weibo. SCMP claims that these stories got more than 180 million views on social media.


A commenter wrote,

I don’t dare to watch the video, I’m afraid I will cry.

Some recognised the weight of their sacrifice,

As a woman, I understand how important hair is to a girl. Respect.

Another netizen commented,

Touched. I hope the nurses can protect themselves and go home safely.

Respect dedicated nurses

Nurses on the frontline put their health at risk and sacrifice their hair too.

Let’s commend these beautiful and strong warriors who sincerely look after their patients. We hope that they will remain in good health in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you know of nurses who are making personal sacrifices to be on the frontline against the outbreak? Tell us your stories in the comments below.

Featured image from YouTube.