NUSS Removes Toilet Signs Separating Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Users After SportSG Says They’re Unnecessary

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NUSS Removes Toilet Signs Separating Users Based On Vaccination Status Following SportSG Advisory

UPDATE (13 Aug): SportSG has advised NUSS that it’s not necessary to segregate unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals in their changing rooms and toilets.

They have since removed the notice.

When it comes to Covid-19 guidelines in Singapore, restrictions might differ for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Recently, the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) put up a notice to separate toilets in the sports facilities for vaccinated and unvaccinated users.

NUSS has since taken to Facebook to clarify the rather interesting notice that caught the attention of many.

NUSS justified that their notice was in compliance with the latest regulations put up by Sport Singapore.

The safe management measures that they adhere to come directly from Sport Singapore.


The guideline stated that enterprises must ensure vaccinated users should not mix with unvaccinated users when using the facilities.

This includes common areas such as changing rooms and toilets.

NUSS separates toilets according to government guidelines

A notice was found outside the toilets and changing rooms of NUSS’ sports facilities.

Apparently, vaccinated and unvaccinated users have to use separate facilities.


The poster caused quite the stir, with many asking if such a measure is necessary.

NUSS has since clarified that the poster was in line with the recent guidelines by Sport Singapore.

Sport Singapore measures disallow mingling of vaccinated and unvaccinated

On 7 Aug, Sport Singapore posted a guideline regarding all safe management measures with regard to sports and physical exercises and activities, and public and private sports and recreational facilities.

Due to positive vaccination rates, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has decided to reopen more indoor facilities where high-risk activities such as unmasked sports and exercise will take place.

However, to reduce the risk of transmission, places that cater for indoor unmasked activities must ensure vaccinated and unvaccinated users do not mix throughout the entire activity.

This includes facilities like toilets and changing rooms, explaining the notice that NUSS has put up.


Unvaccinated people who want to join in must test negative on their Pre-Event Test (PET). However, the test must be taken at an approved medical service provided within the last 24 hours.

In order to differentiate the users, colour wrist tags or passes that can clearly differentiate the two should be provided.

NUSS also clarified that since the guidelines from Sport Singapore only applies to sports facilities, only toilets and changing rooms in the Sports Complex are demarcated.

At NUSS’ 3 other clubhouses, the guidelines don’t apply.

Following safety guidelines

Though the notice resulted might seem amusing to some, it was indeed in line with the latest government regulations.

It is crucial not to cause any unnecessary spreading of the virus when it could’ve been prevented. Hence, do ensure to abide by the latest safe management measures, especially for activities held in high-risk settings.

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