Man Grills OCBC Staff About Climate Change, Told To Email Them Instead

Man Also Asked DBS About Climate Change Earlier This Month

The existence of climate change is getting less disputable by the day, most recently shown by the excruciating heat on display in late September.

But what exactly are we doing about it?

Dave Lommen, a Caucasian man living in Singapore, recently took a more maverick approach.

He decided to approach staff at a local OCBC branch, to inquire about what they were doing to combat climate change.

Hilariously, Mr Lommen was taichi-ed away to the company’s corporate communications department although he clearly wished for further action to be taken.

He wrote a Facebook post about the events that unfolded, at the same time rallying for fellow climate change enthusiasts to make a stand against local banks.

You can read the post in full here.


Hilarious netizen comments

While some netizens decided to stoke the xenophobic flame, other comments were comedic gold.

This netizen compared Mr Lommen’s actions to ordering mee pok from a prata shop.


Another observant netizen pointed out the irony in the situation. Mr Lommen appears to have used a plastic file and printed paper for his report, although he was concerned about climate change.


Finally, this netizen gave a brilliant suggestion of what he would’ve said if he were in the shoes of the staff who was questioned.


Not the first bank he approached

This isn’t the first time that Mr Lommen has approached a bank to inquire about their efforts against climate change.

Earlier this month, Mr Lommen and his companion spoke to DBS’ Head of Sustainability regarding questionable investments in the coal industry — a venture commonly blamed for emitting carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming.


We cannot verify if the conversation produced any tangible results, but as the men pictured were all smiles, perhaps his conversation with DBS probably went better than expected?

Possible explanation for his actions

While we can merely speculate at this point, Mr Lommen’s decision to approach local banks may be influenced by their significant funding in regional coal projects.

According to this report, OCBC, DBS and UOB have funded around S$1.57 billion, S$1.22 billion, and S$361 million in regional coal projects since 2012.

We have reached out to Mr Lommen for comments regarding his actions.

Right intention, wrong execution?

While approaching a bank branch and questioning its staff on duty might not be the right course of action about its company’s policies, it seems that Mr Lommen does have good intentions in mind.

Could this yet be another case of the right intention, with the wrong execution, like this incident that happened in Malaysia?

Let us know what you think down below.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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