Animal Tea Bags Look ‘Alive’ When They Float

Sipping on your afternoon teh brewed from conventional tea bags – those squarish, rectangular, or triangular ones – can get pretty boring.

But who said that tea bags have to be boring?

Ocean Teabag, a Japanese company, has produced animal-shaped tea bags that ‘come to life’ when you submerge them in water.


These will surely add a more animated twist to a mundane tea session.

Animal tea bags turn your teh into an aquatic haven

The tea bags let you turn your regular teh into an aquatic haven as the animals look like they’re basking in their natural habitat.

Just look at how the octopus enlivens your keemun tea with its creeping tentacles.


Watch this coelacanth swim peacefully as you sip your tea. We suggest getting a larger cup though, so the huge fish has more room to float in.


You won’t be shocked when you find this jellyfish in the water, especially when it gives your butterfly pea tea a gorgeous blue hue.


If you’d like to see how land animals adapt to water instead, check out their other designs such as the Tibetan sand fox.


Available on their online shop

For all their cuteness, these tea bags do not come cheap.

A single ‘animal’ will set you back around S$23 (¥1,820), excluding shipping fees to Singapore.

That being said, we’re sure these tea bags will be hard to resist for those who yearn to be creative with your teas.

If you’d like to get your hands on them, head over to their online shop here, or get someone you know in Japan to help buy them at a cheaper price.

Just remember not to admire them for too long, or your hot tea will turn cold.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram