Old Couple Infected With Covid-19 Proves Love Can Last A Lifetime By Caring For Each Other In Hospital

This Old Couple Diagnosed With Covid-19 Proves Love Can Last A Lifetime

There’s a constant debate about how long a marriage will last, but this couple proves that love can stay strong for a lifetime.

On Wednesday (12 Feb), Sin Chew Daily reported that an old couple diagnosed with Covid-19 cared for each other in the hospital. The 87-year-old husband fed his 83-year-old wife as she lay in a hospital bed.

Here is a video featuring the heartwarming scene.

Elders are more vulnerable to coronavirus due to their weaker immune systems and preexisting health conditions. Despite the odds, one couple remained strong in the face of adversity.

Elderly man cares for his wife

An 83-year-old wife and her 87-year-old husband were warded separately next to each other’s rooms.

In one instance, the wife stubbornly refused to eat in spite of continuous attempts by the healthcare staff.

Her 87-year old husband then stepped in, while holding his IV drip, and encouraged his wife to eat.


The man ended up feeding his stubborn wife as she lay in the hospital bed.


We learnt from the video subtitles, that the husband patiently coaxed his wife into eating. He fed her food and water himself.

The subtitles later read in Chinese “愿得一人心 白首不相离”, which aptly translates as, “To conquer one’s heart, till death do us apart.”

This story and proverb definitely conquered our emotions.

The touching video has gone viral in China, but not much is known about the couple’s identity and location.

Hope the old couple recovers

Skeptics tend to doubt romantic love after hearing stories of heartbreak.

This old couple confirms that some love stories can last a lifetime. They’ve definitely endured a lot of obstacles during their long marriage so we hope that they’ll beat the odds and conquer Covid-19 together.

We also wish for the speedy recovery of all victims battling the coronavirus.

Featured image from Sin Chew Daily.

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