34 Years Of Orchard Road Christmas Lights In 15 Nostalgic Pictures

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up, A 34-Year Affair

Yes, we know it’s only September.

But you’d be surprised at how quickly 2018 will come to an end.

Which is probably why I am beyond elated to wander down the holly-decked Orchard Road every December.

Some may detest the crowd and find the decor overdone — but hey, one man’s festive hell is another man’s tinsel heaven.

Let’s take a quick trek down memory lane to uncover how this annual tradition began in Singapore.

34 years worth of lights

The first ever Christmas light-up in Orchard Road began in 1984 and soon became a signature event for the shopping strip.

Nearing Christmas, the entire street will be all decked up to cast a twinkle in your eyes.

This annual tradition has also been kept going for 34 whopping years. Betcha feel old now.

Without further ado, here’s how the iconic light up has evolved since 1984.

1. 1984


2. 1986


3. 1988


4. 1990


5. 1994


6. 1998


7. 2000


8. 2002


9. 2004


10. 2006


11. 2008


12. 2010


13. 2012


14. 2014


15. 2016


2018: Year of Disney

Things took an unexpected twist this year, as the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) partnered the Walt Disney Company for Southeast Asia’s largest Christmas street light-up.


Iconic Disney and Pixar characters such as Cinderella, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse will be lining Orchard Road this Christmas.

This is the first-ever “branded light-up” in the event’s 34-year history.


From 10 Nov to 1 Jan, 2.88km stretch of Orchard Road running from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura will be dressed in festive lights.

Memories of perfect, sweet childhoods

These streets definitely do transport us back to our childhood years and the candlelit wonders of the early 2000s.

Which is why I always find myself half-thrilled, half-embarrassed, to be prancing down the shimmery boulevard every December.

We honestly can’t wait for Christmas to be here already!

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