Osaka BBT Event Is Happening From 18-24 Dec

In 2019 alone, we bore witness to countless dishes being zhng-ed with bubble tea pearls, from hotpot, to lava buns, and even crabs.

Crab with BBT pearls

If you and your friends are up for some bizarre bubble tea dishes and happen to be travelling to Osaka, we come bearing good news.

From 18-24 Dec, Osaka will be playing host to an exciting event that pays tribute to everyone’s favourite drink — bubble tea.

Named “From Taiwan, Bubble Tea LOVE“, the event will feature 20 whacky dishes centered around BBT like boba-infused dumplings, mapo tofu with pearls, and Taiwanese fried chicken with pearls.


Here are some dishes we’d love to try.

1. Mapo tofu with pearls available at Osaka Event

Mapo tofu is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to relish the soy ingredient.

At the event, you’ll be able to enjoy the spicy dish with a generous serving of chewy tapioca pearls, which serves as a perfect contrast to the soft pieces of tofu.


2. Soup dumplings with pearl fillings

Soup dumplings are commonly filled with meat and vegetables, but this one has an extra topping that makes it stand out — tapioca pearls.


Consider boiling this in a cauldron of bubble tea instead of clear broth commonly used for conventional soup dumplings.

3. Taiwanese fried chicken with pearl toppings

Fried chicken is hot commodity at any Taiwanese night market.

This one, however, is deep-fried together with BBT pearls, giving it a caramelised sweetness on top of the existing savouriness.


4. Taiwanese omelette with tapioca pearls

Everything goes well with a fried omelette, be it prawns, oysters, or vegetables.

Tapioca pearls seem to be no exception too. If you don’t take our word for it, you’ll be able to try Taiwanese omelette with boba at the Osaka event.


“From Taiwan, Bubble Tea Love” event from 18-24 Dec

Apart from the above dishes, there are also other BBT dishes to look forward such as peanut soup with pearls, radish pie with boba fillings, and oolong souffle with pearls.


If BBT-inspired dishes are not up your alley, there’ll also be stalls selling bubble tea merchandise as well.


Osaka BBT event will be held from 18-24 Dec

The “From Taiwan, Bubble Tea LOVE” event is happening from 18-24 Dec.

Here’s where to get to if you’re planning a visit:

Location: Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store 
Address: 1 Chome-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka, 545-8545, Japan
18-24 Dec 
Nearest train station: Kintetsu Abenobashi and Tennoji station


If you happen to be in Osaka during the period and find yourself feeling sian of Japanese food, this would be a great alternative for your taste buds.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Freepik