This Local Pai Kia Parody Of Voice Transitioning Videos Will Crack You Up

Man’s Pai Kia Voice Change Will Crack You Up

You may often see young ah beng wannabes racing around on their e-scooters, blasting EDM songs on their portable speakers.

But those are usually harmless secondary school boys going through a rebellious phase.

You’d have to know the talking style of a real pai kia or bad boy to set him apart from the fake ones.

Perhaps Mr Tshen Wenjie’s hilarious video of his pai kia voice transformation could help you with that.

Tracks progress over ‘1 year’

Becoming a true blue pai kia is no easy feat. As seen from the video, Mr Tshen checks in at the one day, one week, one month and one year marks.

You can’t just become a pai kia overnight; a complete transformation takes time and commitment.

After a day, Mr Tshen shows faint hints of the trademark Singlish accent spoken in a subtly confrontational way.

The Singlish-ness and aggression increases over time until he reaches the final point of transformation — a shirtless, tattooed man spewing strings of Hokkien vulgarities.

The progression is funny but he could have made an effort to change T-shirts to distinguish the different time points.


His voice drastically changes after a month but his T-shirt remains very much the same.


The unchanged t-shirt could simply be a matter of convenience, since the video was obviously shot in quick succession.

But Mr Tshien could very well be suggesting that pai kias wear the same t-shirt all the time, or none at all.


We’re not sure if we’re more shocked by his naked upper body or the random knife he’s waving around in his hand.

Parallels transgender voice transitioning videos

If you think the format of the video sounds vaguely familiar, you might want to recall the last time you watched a transgender voice transitioning video.

Many online transgender personalities openly share their journeys on social media, tracking their voice change after taking testosterone injections.

Their regular updates at different points show the stark transformation from a softer feminine voice to their desired deeper male voice.

We can’t help but notice the similarities between these videos and the one made by Mr Tshien.

You’d wonder if he’s been watching these videos too, and if he was really inspired by them, at least we can be impressed by how socially conscious this pai kia is.

Harmless joke

We’re not saying that Mr Tshien is blatantly mocking transgender voice transitioning videos as much as he’s emulating them.

His on point impression of a pai kia amused Singaporeans of all races because everyone is familiar with the stereotypical figure.

Now that you know what else his video could be likened to, Mr Tshien has indirectly made you more aware of the life of transgender individuals in society.

Thank you Mr Tshien.

Featured image from All Singapore Stuff on Facebook.

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