S’pore Panda Cub Is Growing Well, Almost Too Chonky To Hold In 1 Hand

Panda Cub Is Growing Well & Fast According To Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Since his birth, Singapore’s very own panda cub has shot to fame, with many oohing and ahhing as they follow his every development.

S’pore Panda Cub Looks Much Bigger In Latest Photo, Netizens Marvel At His Growth

In an update on Tuesday (5 Oct), Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) shared a video of the little one becoming not so little anymore.

They said that the baby boy has grown so much so fast that in just a few short weeks, his Animal Care Officer now has difficulty picking him up in 1 hand.

Panda cub growing so fast he’s now difficult to pick up

On Tuesday (5 Oct), WRS shared a video of the panda Animal Care Officer, Trisha, trying to pick the panda cub up, as she had always done.

This is Trisha taking the cub for his first weigh-in back on 15 Sep.


However, this time, Trisha struggles to pick the now not-so-little-one up with 1 hand.


She then laughingly said, “Aiyo, you are very hard to hold already”.

panda cub growing Source

Regular handling sessions

Eventually, with a little more effort than usual, Trisha manages to pick the panda cub up.

panda cub growing Source

She then gently places him back in the enclosure while mother Jia Jia continues nonchalantly chomping away at her bamboo shoots.

While this might seem strange, it is actually part of the panda care team’s regular handling sessions.

These are conducted so both Jia Jia and the panda cub will be comfortable being handled for future medical checks.

One thing’s for sure, we know the baby boy is certainly growing well, and fast!

Look forward to more of the panda cub’s milestones

It’s been an exciting journey watching the panda cub grow under the watchful eye of his loving mother Jia Jia and the panda care team.

And he’s only getting cuter as he grows stronger and chonkier.

We’re glad he’s growing well and we certainly look forward to following along more of the baby boy’s milestones.

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Featured image adapted from Tan Chuan-Jin on Facebook and Wildlife Reserves Singapore on Facebook.

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