This Grandma’s 3D Paper Swans Are Handmade & Only Cost $2.50/Bird

If you’ve been on the hunt for CNY decorations to spruce up your homes, these intricate paper swans could be exactly what you’re looking for.

A grandma from a Jurong West market is selling handmade 3D paper swans that double up as ‘fans’. Each bird is a detailed work of art that definitely one-ups any of the angbao fishes that we’ve been taught to make in school.

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The best part is that she’s selling them for a mere $2.50, despite the incredible amount of patience each paper bird takes.

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Here’s how you can support this local granny’s efforts to keep this traditional Chinese artform alive, thanks to a Facebook post by Ms Lim — whose friend who chanced upon her stall on Wednesday (8 Jan).

Painstaking effort to put each origami swan together

The exact style of origami that the grandma is employing is a traditional Chinese variation of modular origami that’s used to make stunning 3D models.

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Reportedly popularised by Chinese migrants in the 1990s, the paper art style takes tons of effort to complete. Each individual piece that makes up the bulk of the swan’s body are made by hand, before being assembled tightly to form paper structures.

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We surmise that Ms Lim’s post quickly went viral as the $2.50 price point set by the grandma is ridiculously cheap for the amount of effort that goes into each bird.


Here’s a look at other examples of peacocks & cranes created from a similar style of origami.


Inspired to learn the craft? Head over here for a step-by-step guide.

Sold at Jurong West market for $2.50/swan

If you’ll be in Jurong West Market anytime soon, you may want to drop by Blk 505’s quaint handicrafts & barang barang bazaar to support this grandma’s work.

Ms Lim – who shared her friend’s purchase in a Facebook post – says that the granny’s stall is located near the OCBC ATM at the market.

Keeping traditional art alive in her golden years

Though the work is time-consuming, we’re glad that this grandma has found a hobby that will hopefully result in well-deserved returns.

We also admire her efforts to keep her fingers & mind nimble even as she approaches her golden years — a feat we can all aspire towards.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.