M’sian Parents Dress Up In School Uniforms To Support Son On First Day Of School

Malaysian Parents Wear School Uniforms To Support Son On First Day Of School

The first day of school can be an unnerving experience, especially when you’re a little kid.

In Malaysia, a new school semester began this past Monday (20 Mar). For those enrolling in primary or secondary school for the first time, it also meant starting a new chapter.

For one 7-year-old who was particularly nervous, his parents supported him in an unforgettable way when they wore school uniforms to send their son off.

parents school uniform son

Source: @kosmoonline on TikTok

The wholesome gesture captured netizens’ hearts, with many heaping praise on the parents.

Parents wear school uniform for son who’s entering Primary 1

According to a TikTok video shared by Malaysian news site Kosmo! on Monday (20 Mar), the parents were at their son’s school for orientation day.

@kosmoonlineIbu sama sama-sama berpakaian sekolah beri semangat untuk anak-anak melangkah ke darjah 1. Mohd. Fadzil Abu Naim, 41 dan Nurul Aini Mohd olwi, 41 menghantar anaknya, Muhammad ishraq aydan. 7 ke orientasi sekolah hari ini.♬ School Bus – Official Sound Studio

The 7-year-old was enrolling as a Standard 1 student, which is Malaysia’s equivalent of Primary 1.

The video identified the parents as Mohd Fadzil Abu Naim and Nurul Aini Mohd Olwi, who are both 41.

In the 15-second clip, the boy, Muhammad Ishraq Aydan, appears to be nervous as he looks around with an expression of uncertainty.

parents school uniform son

Source: @kosmoonline on TikTok

Meanwhile, Mr Fadzil and Madam Aini are seen helping their son with some final tweaks like adjusting his backpack straps.

parents school uniform son

Source: @kosmoonline on TikTok

Dressed in adult-sized Malaysian primary school uniforms, the parents certainly stand out from the crowd around them.

The video ends with them helping little Ishraq put on his backpack and sling a water bottle over his chest, the picture of a loving family.

Parents praised for supportiveness towards son

The simple yet wholesome gesture melted the hearts of netizens, many of whom praised Mr Fadzil and Madam Aini’s parenting.

One TikTok user praised them for a job well done and called them the best parents.

Source: TikTok

Another lauded their spirit and hoped their child will grow up to be an upstanding person.

Source: TikTok

A viewer loved how cute the entire exchange was and jokingly asked if Madam Aini cried upon sending her child to school for the first time.

Source: TikTok

Another called them cool parents and said Ishraq is lucky to have them.

Source: TikTok

Lastly, one netizen joked that the teacher wouldn’t notice if Mr Fadzil and Madam Aini sat in the same classroom as Ishraq.

parents school uniform son

Source: TikTok

Showing up is one of the most meaningful things parents can do

Whether it’s putting aside one’s ego to put food on the table or throwing their kid a lavish birthday celebration, parents have shown that there are all kinds of ways to go the extra mile.

Sometimes, it can even be as simple as just showing up for their children, like what Mr Fadzil and Madam Aini did.

We’re sure this will go down as a beautiful memory for the family, and we wish Ishraq all the best in his studies.

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Featured image adapted from @kosmoonline on TikTok.

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