M’sian Pedestrians Join Forces To Move Illegally Parked Car That Blocked Bus From Passing

Malaysian Pedestrians Join Forces To Move Illegally Parked Car For Passing Bus

Illegally parking one’s car is one of the most irresponsible things a driver can do.

At the very least, it poses a great inconvenience to others. At worst, it can be the cause of someone’s death.

A car in Malaysia that was parked illegally became a thorn in a bus’ side when it blocked the public transportation vehicle from passing a corner.

pedestrians illegally parked car 2

Source: @KlutzyKucing on X

Nonetheless, a group of kind passers-by came together to move the car to the side, and the bus was finally able to pass.

Car was parked illegally in oncoming lane

In a video shared on X by user @KlutzyKucing, a double-decker RapidKL bus was seen trying to turn a corner.

The section of the road was made particularly narrow by two cars that were illegally parked on either side of the lane.

One of them, a blue car, was very much obstructing the bus’ path as it was directly in the way of oncoming traffic.

Unable to move forward, the bus halted to avoid crashing into the car.

pedestrians illegally parked car

Source: @KlutzyKucing on X

Loud honks could be heard in the video at this point, although it’s unclear if they came from the bus or other vehicles.

Pedestrians rally to help lift illegally parked car elsewhere

Seeing the apparent deadlock, a group of pedestrians came to the rescue.

One of them, a man, could be seen gesturing at other passers-by to help move the car away.

The men then banded together to reposition the car by holding it up by its front and dragging it away from the lane.

With their combined strength, they were able to shift the sedan to the adjacent lane.

pedestrians illegally parked car

Source: @KlutzyKucing on X

Thereafter, the bus could finally continue its route. Other vehicles were shown passing through smoothly as well.

Pedestrians move illegally parked car once again for second oncoming bus

As fate would have it, another bus came along down the lane later in the video and had to stop as the blue car was still in the way.

Just like the first time, a group of pedestrians joined forces to move the car closer to the side.

pedestrians illegally parked car 4

Source: @KlutzyKucing on X

This time, they placed the blue car right in front of the other, illegally parked, red car.

Slowly but surely, the single-deck bus was able to drive past the cars and down the lane.

Traffic police arrive to tow car away

In this case, karma acted swiftly as traffic police arrived on the scene afterwards.

At the same time, the driver of the red car returned, though it’s unclear if they received any form of penalty.

Subsequently, a tow truck bearing the word ‘police’ came by and took the blue sedan away with it.

Source: @KlutzyKucing on X

“Bye bye blue car, ” said the OP cheekily via onscreen text in the video.

With the return of the red car’s driver and the removal of the blue sedan, the lane was finally fully clear for all oncoming traffic.

Concluding the video, the OP thanked the police for taking quick action.

All users responsible for keeping roads safe

While seeing a band of strangers come together for a good deed is heartwarming, the issue here is that drivers weren’t being considerate by parking their vehicles illegally.

Whether you’re a driver, passenger, rider, or pedestrian, we all have a responsibility to keep the roads safe as everyone uses them daily.

Here’s hoping this incident will remind drivers to think twice before parking their cars as they please.

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Featured image adapted from @KlutzyKucing on X.

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