Man Allegedly Peeps Into Toilet Stall At Tanglin Shopping Centre, Gets Caught In The Act

Suspected Peeping Tom Appears To Beg For Forgiveness After Being Caught

Though we’ve heard of many peeping tom cases in local universities, these are not the only places where people may be preyed upon.

A man was caught in the act when he allegedly peeped into the stall of a male toilet in Tanglin Shopping Centre.


The man who was in the stall at the time managed to snap a photo of the intrusion and raised a ruckus, causing the suspected peeping tom to beg for forgiveness.

Victim takes ‘selfie’ with suspected peeping tom

In the 1st shot of a frenzied video clip shared by Instagram account @sgfollowsall, the top of a man’s head can be seen peering into what looks like a toilet stall.

The photo appears to have been taken by the man inside the stall, thus becoming an unwanted “selfie” with the suspected peeping tom.


According to the caption of the video clip, this was at the male toilet on level 6 of Tanglin Shopping Centre near Orchard Road.

Man tried to get away but was stopped

The man in the stall clearly wasn’t amused.

@sgfollowsall quoted him as saying that the suspected peeping tom tried to get away when he was seen, but the toilet user managed to stop him.

The man, dressed in a blue checked long-sleeved shirt, was recorded kneeling on the floor, whimpering something that sounds like, “forgive me”.


He was also snapped trying to shield his face with his hand as a photo was taken of him.


A subsequent pan showed other people at the scene besides the alleged perpetrator, but it wasn’t clear who they were.


Toilet user rails at alleged peeping tom

The video then became more rabak, as the agitated toilet user started railing at the man in the blue shirt, saying,

You were looking! You were looking over the stall!

The video subsequently turns shaky as the alleged peeping tom starts to run down a staircase, with the man in pursuit.


The man in the blue shirt also reaches out to cover the phone camera with his hand, while again pleading for forgiveness.

This prompted his already-fuming pursuer to repeatedly shout,

Don’t touch my phone!

Police were called

According to the caption, the police were called over the incident.

The irate man gave his statement to them, but didn’t mention what happened to the alleged peeping tom.

Considering that there’s video evidence of his alleged deeds, it doesn’t look very good for him.

Check out the entire video here:

Do be vigilant when in public

Though the video was slightly confusing, what can be discerned was that a man was caught in the act of peeping into a male toilet stall.

He professed to be remorseful, but also seemingly tried to run away.

Clearly, one doesn’t have to be on a university campus, or female, to be the victim of undesirable attention.

Hopefully, this and other incidents will warn people to be vigilant when they’re in public, as you just never know when your privacy might be invaded.

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Featured images adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.

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