People’s Park Centre & Tampines Mart McDonald’s Visited By Covid-19 Patients

In Monday’s update (29 Jun), People’s Park Centre & a McDonald’s branch at Tampines Mart were listed as new locations previously visited by Covid-19 patients by the Ministry of Health (MOH).


These visits are known to have occurred after the start of Phase 2 on 19 Jun. Here are more details for the new entries:

  • Pearl’s Hill 34 Coffeeshop: 23 Jun (Tues), 7.45-10.10pm
  • Outram Park, Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha: 24 Jun (Wed), 7.15-7.45am
  • People’s Park Centre: 24 Jun (Wed)
    • An Qi Spa: 12.30-1.35pm
    • ML Aesthetics LLP: 1.55-3.45pm
    • Pearl’s Hill 34 Coffeeshop: 7.45-10.10pm

Besides the multiple places listed for People’s Park Centre complex, locations in Tampines, and a Prime supermarket in Jurong West were added as well.

  • Tampines Mart, McDonald’s: 25 Jun (Thu), 2-3pm
  • Al-Iman Restaurant Pte Ltd: 25 Jun (Thu), 8.00-11.00pm
  • Mustafa Centre: 26 Jun (Fri), 10.45-11.25am
  • Amman Household Supplies Pte Ltd: 26 Jun (Fri), 12.30-1.00pm
  • Prime Supermarket (962 Jurong West Street 91): 26 Jun (Fri), 1.00-2.00pm

Visitors are reminded to stagger their trips to avoid peak hours & crowds — as well as only go out to purchase essentials. Social visits are also limited to groups of 5 only.


People’s Park Centre visited by Covid-19 patients

An unstated number of cases paid visits over the course of 1 day at People’s Park Centre – along 101 Upper Cross Street – on 24 Jun.


These included stops at An Qi Spa, ML Aesthetics LLP & Pearl’s Hill 34 coffeeshop nearby – a 3-min walk away – on the same day.


According to the time stamps, the individual(s) spent 1 hour at the spa, close to 2 hours at the beauty salon, and approximately 2 hours at the eating house.

Tampines McDonald’s branch & Jurong West supermarket

Over in the east, Tampines Mart McDonald’s outlet was also visited by Covid-19 cases during their infectious period.


A heartland Prime supermarket at Jurong West was also added.


NEA has assured citizens that all locations on the list have been appropriately sanitised & that there’s no need to avoid the areas.

Contact tracing is underway

Residents who’ve visited these locations on the list at similar timings should have been notified if they are deemed “close contacts”.

Here’s the expanded list of locations released since 14 Jun.


The list of public locations by MOH currently excludes the following places:

  • Residence
  • Workplaces
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Public transport

MOH has also stated that malls & supermarkets will be sanitising the premises accordingly, so there’s no need to avoid these places listed for now.

Mask up during Phase 2

However, visitors should continue to pay close attention to their health for 14 days following the stated times & visits.

Do seek immediate medical attention if you or your loved ones display these respiratory symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Loss of taste/smell

With Phase 2 & elections upon us, we must stay ever vigilant – masking up when venturing outdoors – to reduce the risks of clusters.

We wish all new patients a swift recovery and that everyone continues to adhere to social distancing cues & regulations.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps, Google Maps & Nestia.