Philippines Bans Travellers From 20 Countries Till Mid-Jan 2021

With a new strain of Covid-19 detected in the United Kingdom, countries are taking precautions to limit the spread of the more contagious variant. As such, the Philippines has recently added 20 countries to its list of banned countries.

This includes Singapore, which has seen a case of the new strain. The ban is in effect until 15 Jan 2021.

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However, overseas Filipino workers are exempted from the ban.

Travel ban implemented to halt new strain

In an advisory on Tuesday (29 Dec), the Philippine Embassy in Singapore said the country is restricting entry of all visitors from countries with reported cases of the B117 strain of Covid-19.

Philippines bans travellersSource

The ban will be in effect from 12.01am on Wednesday (30 Dec) and will last until 15 Jan 2021.

Besides Singapore, travellers from 19 other countries will also be denied entry into the Philippines.

Philippines Bans TravellersSource

That said, overseas Filipino workers who need to return home are exempted from the restrictions.

Travellers entering before 30 Dec to undergo quarantine

In an advisory, the Manila International Airport Authority said travellers from countries in the list who reach the Philippines before 30 Dec will still be allowed entry.


However, they will be under a stricter 14-day quarantine and testing protocol even if Covid-19 tests are negative upon arrival.

Hope for situation to improve

While it may be unsettling that countries are imposing travel bans once again because of a new strain of Covid-19, it’s necessary to stem the virus from spreading across countries.

Let’s hope that such measures are effective in doing so in order for travel to the Philippines to resume, for those who have essential business there.

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