Pigeon Visits Man In Hospital, He Apparently Gets No Other Visitors

Pigeon Visits Man In Iran Hospital, Nurse Who Took Picture Says He Feeds Birds In A Park

When one is unluckily enough to be admitted to hospital, family members and friends are almost sure to visit.

However, in this case, a little pigeon visited an elderly man in hospital to give him some company.

Pigeon visits manSource

The lone pigeon has apparently made return visits to the man, which a nurse said doesn’t receive any other visitors.

Pigeon perches on man’s lap as he’s resting

This viral picture apparently comes from a hospital in Iran.

The nurse caring for the elderly man said that no one came to visit him.

Instead, a pigeon would fly in and pay the man a visit, waiting for a while before taking its leave.

Pigeon visits man 2Source

It could be seen perching on the man’s lap while he is lying down, almost as if it’s keeping watch over him.

Pigeon visits man who fed birds in garden

Apparently, the man told the nurse who took this picture that he’d feed birds in a nearby park.

The grateful pigeon shows us that perhaps, doing a kind deed can come back in ways that one may not expect.

Pigeon visits man 3Source

In this elderly man’s case, he had a little friend for company even though he may not have human visitors.

However, pigeons usually shouldn’t be allowed in hospitals since they can be unsanitary or carry airborne diseases. We guess this is a rare special case.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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