This Pikachu Lucky Cat Figurine Will Zap You With Lots Of Extra Huat For The Year

Toffee Studio Has Pikachu Lucky Cat Figurine That’ll Give Your Home Extra Huat

Displaying Fortune Cats in our homes and shops is a common tradition believed to bring good luck or huat.

If you believe in the mystical capabilities of the Fortune Cat, here’s a product that might zap you with prosperity.

Toffee Studio launched a Pikachu Lucky Cat figurine that, as its name suggests, is dressed as a Maneki Neko with little cat ears.


To amp up your good fortune, Pikachu is also equipped with a carp, bell, and gold ingot.

Pikachu Lucky Cat figurine makes the cutest home décor

Watching the Pokémon series growing up, many of us would have envied Ash for always having Pikachu by his side. Now you can have that too, but in a more adorable form.


With a golden ingot and bell, this Pikachu will not only make you squeal over its cuteness, but will probably generate more huat than a regular Lucky Cat.


Place this Lucky Fortune Pikachu in your home and you might just get the promotion or high test scores you’ve always wanted.


Although Pikachu might get tired of zapping your place with good fortune, sitting on this red cushion will keep him comfy and happy.


Available for pre-order online

Locals can pre-order the Pikachu Lucky Cat figurine but it doesn’t come cheap.

The Fortune Cat is available in 2 sizes—an exclusive size and regular size. A regular-sized collectible costs S$120, and measures around 16cm in height and 12cm in width.


Meanwhile, the exclusive-sized version costs S$460, but is a lot bigger at 61cm tall and 50cm wide.

Shipping will commence in the third or fourth quarter of 2021.

You may place your orders via GK Figure’s website here.

Get extra huat for yourself & your home

The Pikachu Lucky cat figurine might come with a hefty price tag. However, it may be a worthwhile investment for those that need all the luck they can get for success in any aspects of their lives.

If you remain skeptical about the powers of the Fortune Cat, at least this version lets you expand your Pokémon collection too.

Just like most merch, we expect that a lot of fans will pre-order it, so hurry if you’d like to have one for your home.

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Featured image adapted from GK Figure

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