Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Has Rooftop Garden With Huge Pineapples & Mahjong Tiles

Get the extra fortune you’ll need this Chinese New Year by visiting this rooftop garden.

On Thursday (9 Jan), Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) announced the launch of their Huat Huat Land rooftop garden which features supersized pineapples and mahjong tiles.

The illuminating pineapples that span up to 3-metres in height will provide the perfect backdrop for memorable pictures with friends and family.

Here are the installations that you can look forward to.

Giant pineapples & mahjong tiles on SCCC rooftop garden

Traditional locals love to roll pineapples around their homes for prosperity and good luck. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more so if you want good grades or a promotion these giant pineapples might give you the extra boost you need.

Mahjong tiles may get you good health, wisdom, happiness and all the good things in life. While we’ll never know what the future holds, you might get a brighter future by shuffling these gigantic tiles.

We want our loved ones to live joyful lives so enjoy some good ‘ol fashioned bonding in this festive wonderland.

We bet kids will enjoy playing with their cousins or meeting new friends as they explore the interior of this golden bar.

Artistic murals

Huat Huat Land has artistic murals by illustrator Lee Xin Li that are inspired by images of annual CNY celebrations.

We bet that the rooftop garden will shine brightly so we’re excited to view these creative illustrations in perfect lighting.

Mr Low Sze Wee, Chief Executive Officer of SCCC, hopes that these installations will make families and friends closer.

He said,

We hope that our Huat Huat Land will enable families and friends to bond together.

Augmented Reality red packet

Tech enthusiasts will be happy to know that SCCC has leveraged AR tech in their red packets too.

Artist Lee Xin Li said,

This red packet is inspired by the sights and sounds that one experiences during CNY while visiting relatives.

Visitors can scan the QR code in their red packet and watch festive traditions like lion dance performances and the exchange of mandarin oranges.

Tourists can learn more about these traditions by reading the write-ups provided by Spark AR from Facebook.

CNY at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

SCCC’s rooftop garden will be available from now until 8 Feb. Admission is free.

You’re bound to get all the luck that you need by spending a day in Huat Huat Land. These gigantic pineapples and mahjong tiles might be the key to getting new opportunities for the upcoming year.

Are you planning to visit Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre soon? Let us know your CNY plans in the comments.

All images courtesy of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.