Pitch Black Clouds Hover Over S’pore On 22 Nov, Hint At More Rainy Afternoons To Come

Pitch Black Clouds Roll Over Singapore Skies On 22 Nov, Cover Some Buildings In Darkness

With the rainy season upon us, afternoon downpours seem to occur like clockwork. Storms can be pretty scary, especially yesterday’s (22 Nov), when pitch black clouds blocked out much of the sunlight above our usually sunny island.

Pitch black cloudsSource

Netizens managed to capture photos of these clouds, which shrouded HDB flats and other buildings in darkness.

Pitch black clouds covered much of Singapore

Considering how small Singapore is, you’d know the entire island would be pouring when you see dark clouds as huge as the ones in the picture below.

The pitch black clouds were seen out at sea, where a netizen captured them rolling in towards Singapore at Tanah Merah.

Pitch black cloudsSource

Further inland, things started to look a little dramatic, when the storm clouds hovered over what seems to be the Katong area.

Pitch black cloudsSource

If you’ve watched the Harry Potter movies, you can almost imagine an army of Dementors descending with the dark clouds.

After some time, at about 3.30pm, some buildings were even covered in darkness. A Redditor managed to capture this eerie sight as the clouds left little space for sunlight to filter through.


Half-lit buildingsSource

The darkness seems even more intense than that of a solar eclipse.

Rainy weather for rest of November

While it’s not every day that we see pitch black clouds, they hint at the rather rainy November that we’ll be experiencing ahead.

Even our Monday evening today (23 Nov) was not spared from the wet weather. Take a look at this clip shared by a member of the CloudSpotting Singapore Facebook group.

For some, dark skies mean it’s time to turn off the air con for some naturally cool temperatures. However, for those who are outdoors, you may want to take note of flash flood warnings and head indoors.

Stay safe, everyone.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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