PM Lee Debunks Fake Email Update On Covid-19, Warns Netizens Not To Respond Or Forward It

PM Lee Debunks Fake Email Impersonating Him, Warns Netizens Not To Respond Or Forward It To Others

Most of us are no stranger to scam calls and phishing emails with dodgy prize claim links. It seems like even our Prime Minister (PM), Mr Lee Hsien Loong, is no stranger to them, after one tried to impersonate him recently.

PM Lee took to Facebook on Monday (30 Mar) to debunk a fake email that was circulating under his name.


If you’ve seen this before, you’d probably want to find out more.

Fake PM Lee email claims to address Covid-19 situation

The email, sent from “Lee Hsien Loong, MP”, first addresses Singapore’s current Covid-19 situation, and is apparently reassuring that the government is doing all it can to manage it.

Apparently, it then requests for the reader’s response, which would require a reply.

This is a typical phishing scam email, which can compromise one’s personal information if you reply to it.

Do not respond to such emails

PM Lee warned netizens not to respond to the email, or forward it to their friends and family.

He wrote,

These are unscrupulous characters trying to exploit the current crisis to dupe you.

Unfortunately, we may have to keep an eye out for more scams and fake news as the Covid-19 situation continues to escalate.

Always ensure any news updates and advisories are from reliable sources, and double check government websites for official announcements if you’re unsure.

Stay safe and well-informed during this period, and don’t spread false information.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and The Business Times

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