Job Openings At Pokémon Centre Singapore

To most, Pokémon is all about adventure and challenging strangers on the street or snobby, begrudging Gym Leaders.

But sometimes, just maybe, you’ve wondered what it’s like to actually live and have a job in the Pokémon world. After all, Poké Balls don’t fall from trees.

Even Pikachu isn’t spared from working

The Pokémon Company is giving you the chance to experience just that. NintendoSoup reports that there are currently 2 job openings at the upcoming Pokémon Centre Singapore.


The Pokémon Centre is the first ever outside Japan and is set to open at Jewel Changi Airport in March 2019.

Poké Mart positions

There are currently 2 positions up for grabs — Sales Associate and Cashier.

As a Sales Associate, you’ll be in charge of keeping the Pokémon Centre clean, neat, stocked and appealing to all Pokémon lovers. That means making sure no playful Pokémon has strayed into a zone it doesn’t belong to.


You’ll also have to help lost customers navigate the store, pointing them in the direction of a certain Piplup plushy or Kyogre keychain they’ve wanted for so long.


Then we have the Cashier position. Needless to say, you’ll be collecting money for the Pokémon goodies. And if someone challenges you to a battle, waging the item as a prize, you’ll have to decline him and politely explain that things work differently here.


The requirements for the positions are nothing to fret about — if you can communicate properly, you’ll do fine. One thing to consider, however, is whether you’ll be able to commit to the working hours. You will have to work one of the 3 shifts,

  • 9am to 6pm
  • 12pm to 9pm
  • 2pm – 11pm

Full-time staff will have to work a weekly minimum of 40 hours, while part-timers, of 20 hours.

The rewards


The starting salaries range from S$1,800 to S$2,200 depending on how much experience you have working in the retail sector.

If you find yourself so drawn to the Pokémon and staying longer hours just to be amid them, you’ll be rewarded with overtime pay.

Applications close on 20 Jan, so if you’re really keen on becoming Singapore’s first “Poké Mart” staff, hurry and send in yours.

Featured image from OtakuKart and JustGola.