S’pore Comic Artist Creates Hyperlocal Pokémon That Help Trainers Over Covid-19 Pandemic

Pokémon help trainers clinch victory in Pokébattles and offer great company. However, it seems some may also have a role in stopping the spread of infectious viruses.

On Thursday (22 Jul), a Singaporean comic artist named Harold Cheng took to Reddit to share illustrations of his comic titled ‘Singapokémon: Coronavirus Edition’.


In the comic are hyperlocal Pokémon Cheng conceptualised that can help us overcome the infectious Covid-19 virus.

Here’s a look at the creatures you’ll want to add to your Pokédex.

1. Respirato

As its name suggests, Respirato can filter out particles its trainer inhales and keep them safe from viruses.

comic artist harold chengImage courtesy of Harold Cheng

We hope they congregate near Pokémon Centres hospitals to keep our healthcare workers safe.

2. Cotton

Though not as effective at keeping viruses out, Cotton is arguably cuter and than its fellow mask Pokémon.

comic artist harold cheng 1Image courtesy of Harold Cheng

A normal and cloth type Pokémon, Cotton is lighter than Respirato and might be more ideal for trainers visiting regions that are not high-risk.

3. Tracey

Unlike TraceTogether which detects other users who are nearby, Tracey knows the location of its trainer at all times.

comic artist harold cheng 4Image courtesy of Harold Cheng

If used correctly, it can also help trainers gain access to ‘locked’ areas.

4. Pfiza

Pfiza the healing Pokémon has a unique way of confusing its opponent — by using its hard-to-pronounce name.

comic artist harold cheng 5Image courtesy of Harold Cheng

Like the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine with which it shares a similar name, Pfiza thrives in sub-zero temperatures.

5. Ottah

Ottah the otter Pokémon has a similar name to otah, a spicy fish snack enjoyed by most Singaporeans.

Image courtesy of Harold Cheng

Presumably shy creatures, Ottah has made more frequent appearance lately as more trainers are staying home during the pandemic.

6 Polygloops

Trainers who thought of having their own ‘language changing cup‘ may want to seek our Polygloops, the magic water Pokémon.

Image courtesy of Harold Cheng

Taking a sip from this Pokémon will turn any trainer into a polyglot, allowing them to communicate with others via their native tongue.

Kudos to S’pore comic artist for adorable and relatable Pokémon

With these Pokémon, trainers can finally capture creatures that help their communities overcome infectious viruses.

Hopefully, they will spawn across Singapore and enable us to get through P2HA together.

These Singapokémon were conceptualised by Harold Cheng — a Singapore comic artist. Do check out his Instagram (@respawncomic) page and website to view his latest works.

Which is your favourite Singapokémon? Let us know which ones you’re most eager to catch in the comments section.

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Featured image courtesy of Harold Cheng.