Japan Airport Has PokéStand Vending Machine With Pikachu Plushies

Haneda Airport Has Pokéstand Vending Machines With Pikachu Flight Attendants

Japan is the land of Pokémon centres and merchandise that tourists can even get Pikachu plushies from vending machines.

The Pokémon Company set up several PokéStand vending machines at Haneda airport.


Tourists can choose from Pikachu flight attendants, Pokémon plushies and keychains.


If you’re scheduling a trip to Japan soon, here’s how you can get Pokémon merch upon your arrival.

PokéStands & virtual Pikachu

There are several PokéStands in various terminals at Haneda Airport. We bet you won’t have trouble finding one because these Pikachu statues are hard to miss.


Pikachu fans are in for a treat! You can interact with a virtual talking Pikachu to buy merch from S$6.81 (¥540).


Pokémon lovers can easily click their favourite Pokemon to expand their personal collection.


Pikachu flight attendants & Pokémon plushies

We have Singaporean Pikachu flight attendants at the Jewel Changi Airport. Those who want to collect ‘em all should also grab Haneda Airport’s exclusive Pikachu.


Bulbasaur and Squirtle are some of the most popular Pokémon that we’ve grown up with. Don’t miss them on the PokéStands if you want to catch them as plushies.


We never thought Gengar could look adorable until we saw this version. We bet it could put a sinister grin on the faces of your kids and nieces.


PokéStand locations

There are currently several PokéStands at Haneda International Airport Terminal.

According to Hype & Stuff, the PokéStands are available at these locations:

  • 1st floor, Ashigara Service Area
  • 2nd floor, Ebina Service Area
  • 3rd floor, Aqua City Odaiba
  • 3rd floor, Departure Area near Gate 107
  • 5th floor, Cool Zone

The PokéStand proves that all you need is money to catch all the Pokémon you want. While not all of us can afford a quick vacation to Japan, we’re hoping to find PokéStand vending machines in Jewel Changi Airport soon.

Featured image from Youtube and Instagram.

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