Traffic Police Officer Writes Notes Near President Halimah’s Car, SPF Says No Summons Was Issued

Traffic Police Seen Writing Notes Near President Halimah’s Parked Car

2 weeks ago, an interesting picture surfaced onto the Internet. It instantly became viral and was quickly picked up by all forms of media in the country.

Of course, we’re talking about none other than the picture of President Halimah’s official vehicle being “summoned” by a Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer for violating the dreaded traffic law of parking on double yellow lines.


Addressing the images, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) provided an interesting response.

Traffic police officer seen standing by President’s car

On 20 December 2017, a vehicle was found to have flouted traffic rules by parking on a double yellow line along the side of the road.

A closer look at the car’s license plate instantly made this minor parking offense the talk of the town.


Numbered SEP1 – an acronym for Singapore Elected President – the white Mercedes was the exclusive vehicle of none other than Singapore’s Head of State, President Halimah Yacob.

No summons issued

In response to media queries, Channel NewsAsia reported that the LTA and SPF said in a joint statement that no summons were issued to our President’s vehicle.

The driver informed the LTA enforcement officer that he was there to pick up the President who was leaving the place. In the midst of the engagement, the President arrived and the driver drove off. There was no summons issued.

Though, judging from the photos, it could have been likely that the driver received at least a stern warning.

The Police Security Command (SecCom) – which provides security protection for the President and other senior political leaders – subsequently explained that parking close to the event location was simply part of protocol to ensure the safety and security of those that they are escorting.

As part of the security protection operations, the vehicle convoy is to be positioned close to the event location in compliance with traffic rules, to facilitate swift evacuation during contingencies.

However, in this case, because there wasn’t any parking spots available within the immediate vicinity, the driver had decided to park at the location photographed.

SPF’s explanation why

The SPF released an official statement on 30 Dec 2017 explaining why no summons was issued.

There will be occasions when [officers from the Police Security Command] may have to exercise their discretion, and make exceptions.

They stated that while traffic regulations still had to be followed, certain exceptions could still be made in order to not compromise the safety of the personnel.

If there is no easily accessible carpark, then, so as not to expose the person under protection, the vehicles will be driven near to the place where it is suitable to arrange a pick up, even if otherwise parking in such a place is not allowed.

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Featured image from Reddit and The New Paper.

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