This Portable Bathtub Lets You Get A Spa Day While Binge-Watching K-Dramas

With the limited space in our HDB flats, it seems difficult to install a hot tub in our own home. However, we’ve found a portable bathtub that can turn this seemingly impossible dream into a reality.

See, T-Mall has a portable and foldable bathtub with built-in massage rollers for piping hot baths. The nifty appliance has a top layer where you can place your laptop to simultaneously binge watch Netflix dramas.


If you want to destress by soaking in a calming hot bath, you might want to check out this innovative product.

Portable bathtub for HDB

At the end of a long work day, there’s nothing more relaxing than stepping into a hot shower, or better still, soaking in a hot spring or bath.

While you may not have access to the latter options, we’ve found a product that will bring this luxury into your very own bathroom.

Chinese brand Shu Li Kang (蜀丽康) has launched a 138 cm wide bathtub with a 132 kg weight limit.


There’s no need to worry about the tub falling over because the 2 thick stands keep the structure upright and stable.


All you need to do is pour in some water, submerge yourself in the bath, and let your muscles relax.


If you’re glancing around your HDB flat and wondering where this tub will fit, you can stop overthinking, as this equipment can be folded down to only 22 cm wide, according to GirlStyle Taiwan.


Chucking the tub aside after a well-deserved spa session will thus be quite convenient.

Get a massage & binge-watch dramas

Unlike the usual hot tub, this portable bathtub comes with small massage rollers for the soles of your feet. If your feet feel sore after a tiring commute, lay them here and get your own self-service massage.


What’s more, you can slide the cover on top of the tub to heat it up quickly.


The cover can also serve as a makeshift table for your laptop, so you can binge-watch Netflix dramas like The Queen’s Gambit.


Prep a little snack too, if you know you’ll be sitting there for a while.

Available on T-Mall & Lazada Singapore

Since the original product listing is found on T-Mall, you can head there get an in-depth look at the tub’s features before purchasing.


Another option is to visit the product page on Lazada Singapore, where it’s priced at $184.


Portable bathtub for relaxing afternoons

Due to current travel restrictions, we bet you missed soaking in onsens, hot springs, or hotel hot tubs.

But thanks to this innovative portable bathtub, you can recreate the experience right in your own home.

Self-care is important to keep your body and mind healthy. So, if this appliance is within your budget, grab one before stocks run out.

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Featured image adapted from T-Mall