Artist Creates Posters To Show Appreciation For Our Delivery Heroes, Who Brave Virus To Help Us Stay Home

Some of us are lucky enough to stay at home thanks to delivery riders, who bring our everyday essentials conveniently to our doorstep.

But have we thought about what they are going through? Like many people, they may feel like crawling into a hole with their families during these dark times, but have to keep endangering their lives by going out as they have to work to feed their families.

Thus on Friday (17 Apr), creative agency Kinetic Singapore – Instagram handle @_kineticsg – encouraged locals to show our appreciation for delivery drivers by putting posters in support of them on their doors.


Several posters were included, and here are some of our favourites from the collection:

1. “You’re working hard”

Delivery drivers are essential workers, spending their entire day outdoors, so most of us can stay safe indoors.

The least you can do is to recognise their hard work.


2. “You deserve 5 stars”

While staying at home may be taking a toll on our mental health, delivery riders are also constantly afraid of catching the virus.

As they’re making a big sacrifice, do give them a well-deserved 5-star rating.


3. “You’re delivering joy”

Sometimes, what we get from a delivery isn’t just the item self, but the joy we experience each time our long-awaited orders arrive.


4. “You make my day bloom”

Nothing beats the feeling of getting a delicious pick-me-up after hours spent in a Zoom conference.

Thanks to their deliveries of bubble tea and coffee, we get the motivation we need to endure working and studying from home.


5. “You go the distance for us”

Delivery riders literally go the distance to deliver our daily essentials. We may not be able to thank them personally, but we can express our gratitude through this poster.


6. “A new superhero”

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are armed with a thermal bag and a bicycle, instead of a batmobile and a skin-tight costume.


7. “Masked riders”

Our masked riders are the superheroes we need, so let’s give them the credit that they deserve.


8. “Rain or shine”

Regardless of the weather, we can expect packages to arrive thanks to the resilience of our everyday heroes.


9. “Every day would be instant noodles”

Those with no culinary skills need delivery heroes to access healthy meals. Without their sacrifice, we would be eating instant noodles and cereal 24/7.


10. “Doors ain’t stopping our love”

In the era of social distancing, a knock is all it takes to make our heart leap for joy.


Support our delivery heroes

Many of us view home delivery as a simple transaction and nothing more. But for delivery drivers, it’s work that they put their health and safety at risk for.

Their families may be worried sick as they visit various locations across the island, but they have no choice but to press on.

These posters seem like a small gesture, but it can have a big impact on our vulnerable workers, so let’s do what we can to put a smile on their faces.

Download the posters from the website

Featured image from #ThankYouDeliveryHeroes.