Boyfriend Beats Pregnant Girlfriend To Death In M’sia, Tries Cutting Out 4-Month-Old Foetus

Pregnant 21-Year-Old Girl Beaten To Death By Boyfriend In Selangor

Learning of a pregnancy is generally a happy affair where the couple celebrates the arrival of a new life. However, a horrifying case in Malaysia shows that may not always be the case.

A 20-year-old college student brutally murdered his pregnant girlfriend, 21, in Selangor, Malaysia.

He reportedly got her pregnant out of wedlock, and killed her when she refused to keep the pregnancy a secret. He even stabbed her in the abdomen in an attempt to cut out the 4-month-old fetus.

After that, he tried burning the body twice to get rid of the evidence.

According to China Press, the authorities have apprehended the suspect. Investigations into the horrifying case are underway.

Boyfriend kills pregnant girlfriend for refusing to keep baby a secret

The suspect, a 20-year-old fresh college graduate, had gotten his 21-year-old waitress girlfriend pregnant.

Four months into the pregnancy, the suspect allegedly drove his girlfriend to a palm oil plantation at around 10pm on 22 May, China Press reported.

In the car, he asked her to keep the pregnancy a secret. However, the girlfriend refused, and an argument ensued.

Tries to cut out foetus from dead body

The dispute took a turn when the boyfriend allegedly got physical and hit his partner. In a fit of rage, he beat his pregnant girlfriend to death.

After that, he stabbed a knife into her abdomen and tried to cut out the foetus from her dead body, noted Berita Harian (BH).

The girlfriend was believed to be four months pregnant at the time.

pregnant girl boyfriend

Source: China Press

Then, he reportedly set the body on fire at the plantation and drove home.

Worried that it was not enough to destroy the evidence, he returned to the scene on a motorcycle the next morning and set the body ablaze a second time.

Public find girl’s body in bad shape

Members of the public initially noticed smoke billowing from the plantation. They went to investigate and later found the girl’s body in a horrifying state.

The flames had reportedly destroyed about 60% of her body, with her head suffering the most damage.

Source: China Press

The suspect was subsequently arrested by local police on Wednesday (24 May), at around 1.45pm, at a residential unit. He did not have a prior criminal record.

Investigations into this case are currently ongoing.

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Featured image adapted from China Press and Bernama.

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