Marina East Breakwater Sees Crowds After Going Viral On TikTok, Authorities Cordon Off Area

Parts Of Marina East Breakwater Cordoned Off To Prevent Crowds

Since tighter restrictions were announced under Phase 2 Heightened Alert, many Singaporeans have been finding respite in other activities.

On TikTok, many shared that the Pulau Ujong breakwater near Marina Barrage is a picturesque spot to hang out at.


The place went viral on the video-sharing platform recently, spurring Singaporeans to make their way there to enjoy the beauty of the sea while having picnics.

Unfortunately, a large section of the breakwater has now been cordoned off, presumably to control crowds.

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Breakwater gained popularity on TikTok

Over the last few weeks, Breakwater @ Marina East AKA Pulau Ujong has gained popularity amongst young Singaporeans thanks to TikTok.

It was said to be a relaxing haven that’s located off the beaten path, where one can enjoy the sea breeze while having a picnic.

The breakwater is a stone wall that extends from the shore into the sea to protect the beach against waves. The place also offers stunning sunset views.

Pulau Ujong breakwaterSource

Soon enough, more people started trickling into the area, causing the place to become rather crowded.


Many who visited the area seemed to enjoy picnics there.


Section of breakwater cordoned off since 7 Jun

According to a Facebook post on 7 Jun, a large section of the breakwater has been cordoned off.

Pulau Ujong breakwaterSource

However, some said it was not an effective deterrent against crowds as the tape was reportedly broken a few days after.


Groups of 2 could also still be seen hanging out in the area.

Breakwater littered with trash

Besides the obvious safety concerns of crowding, some have also pointed out that large amounts of trash were left behind in the area.

A man on TikTok shared that he visited the area during low tide and found the area littered with rubbish.

Pulau Ujong breakwaterSource

He urged the public to be responsible if they visit the place.

Pulau Ujong breakwaterSource

Be responsible with your trash

It’s truly unfortunate that whenever hidden gems are uncovered on social media, places tend to become crowded and littered with trash.

To minimise the damage and preserve the beauty of the area, authorities have no choice but to spring into action.

As we continue to explore all that Singapore has to offer during this period, please be socially responsible and maintain the cleanliness of these areas.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and TikTok.

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