S’pore Puppy With Maggot Wound Urgently Needs Donations For Medical Bills

Stray Puppy Was Brought To A Vet And Hospitalised

On Monday (25 Mar) night, dog rescuers from Exclusively Mongrel Limited (EML) stumbled upon a stray female puppy with a massive maggot wound.

The puppy has since been brought to a vet and is currently hospitalised.

That very same night, EML volunteers wrote a heartfelt Facebook post, urging netizens to donate generously for the puppy’s medical bills.


Here’s their post in full.


Gaping maggot wound

According to the Facebook post, the puppy was lying motionless on the floor when EML rescuers found her.

Thankfully, the puppy was still alive and reacted when picked up by one of the EML members.


Upon inspection, members found that she had a huge maggot wound on her rear, which rescuers hypothesised could be the reason for her lethargy.


The puppy appeared to be alone with no siblings or parents in sight during the encounter.

Currently hospitalised

EML volunteers immediately brought the puppy to a vet to have her infected wound treated.


However, since the visit happened after opening hours, the volunteers incurred a hefty medical bill.

Additionally, the puppy had to be hospitalised so the vet can cleanse her wound and monitor her recovery process.

Given the exorbitant medical bills that are expected, EML volunteers urged members of the public to donate generously to help with the expenses.

Those keen on donating to her medical fund can do so by referring to the bank account on EML’s Facebook post.

Props to volunteers who rescued her

Kudos to the EML volunteers for their rescue efforts.

The puppy would no doubt be in pain for a longer period of time, if not for the volunteers’ prompt actions.

We hope the puppy makes a full recovery soon and will lead a healthy and fulfilling life after.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook

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