5-Litre Hand Sanitizer Bottles Sale In Tuas Sees Long Queues, Proceeds Will Go To Needy S’poreans

Sales From 5-Litre Hand Sanitizer Bottles Will Help Vulnerable Communities Get Through Covid-19 Crisis

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, Singaporeans have been stocking up on hygiene products, especially hand sanitizer.

The urgency has caused these items to sell out, forcing buyers to seek alternatives.

From making their own to ordering online, they’re doing whatever they can, including queuing for hours in the sweltering heat all the way at Tuas.

Klenco Singapore, a cleaning supplies company, announced on Friday (14 Feb) that they were selling 5-litre bottles of hand sanitizer at their building in Tuas on Sunday (16 Feb).


Naturally, many Singaporeans jumped at the opportunity to score themselves a bottle, but the turnout was honestly shocking.

Check out this Facebook video of the queue.

Talk about snaking queues. This is an anaconda.

Singaporeans had to queue outdoors for hours

Multiple videos have been circulating online of the horrendously long queue for hand sanitizer. People allegedly queued since the early morning with their families to snag multiple bottles of the commodity.

With hundreds of people in the queue, it seemed to stretch past the next building.

Some people queueing estimated that there were at least 500 people in line.

Hand sanitizer supposed to kill viruses

According to Klenco’s website, their hand sanitizer is capable of killing viruses like HIV and influenza type A.


They didn’t specify Covid-19, but having the hygiene product on hand is still a good precaution, especially with the need to constantly stay clean.

Klenco Singapore avoiding resale of products

Klenco Singapore previously addressed their distress about people reselling their hand sanitizer online at higher prices.


To avoid such behaviour, they priced their 5-litre bottles at S$30 instead of the usual S$18.

Furthermore, they implemented a quota, allowing each customer to purchase only one bottle.

Customers have to be 16 years or older to buy, and they can only queue once.

Judging from the insanely long queues, customers in line had probably wiped out all 800 bottles of hand sanitizer that Klenco had set aside.

Klenco Singapore gives back to the community

In their post about the sale, Klenco Singapore also announced that they would be donating S$15,000 to The Courage Fund and other National Council of Social Service efforts.


This is to help vulnerable individuals and families get through difficulties stemming from Covid-19.

They plan to release proof of their donation on their Facebook and website, once they have donated the funds.

Taking a stand against profiteering

Klenco Singapore has made it clear that they do not condone the reselling of hand sanitizers and other hygiene products in this period of time.

Although they did increase the price of their product, they plan to help those in need, supposedly with the extra profits.

We hope to see even more companies supporting the needy and vulnerable through their difficulties in battling the effects of Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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