S’pore Will Have More Rain In October, So We Won’t Need To Worry About Haze

Last 2 Weeks Of October Will Be Rainy, Chances Of Haze Low

Rain, rain, will be coming to us again for the second half of October, according to the Singapore Meteorological Service (MSS).


That’s not all. The chances of transboundary haze returning will also be relatively low as a result of the rainy weather.

So… clean air? Cool weather? Sounds a lot like a reason to celebrate.


Well, you might want to put those plans on hold. Warm temperatures are still expected to persist, with the highest temperature reaching a scorching 35°C.

Heavy thundery showers in the afternoon

Since the start of October, Singapore has been experiencing inter-monsoon conditions which usually bring “thundery showers and low-level winds“.


These conditions are expected to persist in November too, according to MSS’s report.

For the second half of October, Singapore is expected to experience moderate to heavy thundery showers in the afternoon of 8 to 10 days, so you might want to bring an umbrella when you’re out for lunch.

The rain might even extend into the evening on some days, with frequent lightning.

MSS also reports that October rainfall levels are expected to be “near-normal”, which will put an end to the arid weather we’ve been experiencing.

Unfortunately, the daily temperatures probably won’t feel any different. It will remain warm, between 25°C and 34°C. On some days, the maximum temperature might even hit 35°C. #sian


Low chance of transboundary haze

With the frequent rain in October, the chances of haze coming back to Singapore is relatively low, according to MSS.

However, the service noted that we may still “experience slightly hazy conditions on a few days”, especially in the mornings as a result accumulation of particles in the atmosphere.

Remember to pply sunscreen and bring an umbrella

It seems like the weather is going to be hot and cold, which is super conducive for falling sick.

Remember to slap on some sunscreen before you leave the house and bring an umbrella, lest you get caught in the rain.

Have some vitamin C too, if you don’t want to feel under the weather.

Featured image adapted from LoudMeYell.

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