More Rainy Days Expected Till Mid July 2020

In sunny Singapore where it’s perpetually humid, who doesn’t love rainy days? Especially when the weather gets so cold, your floor tiles feel a little chilly to step on.

We have wonderful news, courtesy of a little bird called the Meteorological Service Singapore. The cooler weather we enjoyed in June may be here to stay a little longer.

The wet weather in the last 2 weeks of last month may continue into the first half of July.


As polling day is on 10 Jul, you might want to keep your trusty umbrella close to you when you head out to vote.

Temperature could dip to 23°C due to rainy weather early July

First, there’s the not-so great news, as we aren’t completely spared from the relentless heat.

During these 2 weeks, the daily max temperature is likely 32°C and 33°C. On some days, it could even be as high as 34°C.

But once night descends, so would the temperature reading as we’re expecting much cooler weather at about 24°C to 28°C. During certain rainy days, the temperature could even dip to 23°C.


This is because of Southwest Monsoon, which brings low-level winds over our little red dot. On most days, expect heavy thundery showers between the late morning and afternoon.

10 Jul expected to be cloudy day

We cross check this forecast with Accuweather, which shows us there’s a mix of rainy days with sunny rays and overcast skies till mid July.


So far, it looks like it’s set to be a cloudy day on 10 Jul, sandwiched in between 2 days of occasional thunderstorms.

At least there’ll still be some sun, so be it rain or shine, your umbrella will be a trusty companion.

Featured image adapted from Unsplash and Unsplash.