S’pore Man Says Ramadan Bazaar Table Priority Should Go To Those Breaking Fast, Draws Mixed Reactions

Ramadan Bazaar Tables Should Be Prioritised For Muslims Breaking Fast, Says Singapore Man

Ramadan bazaars are highly anticipated events in Singapore every year during the fasting month.

Usually, these markets will set up tables for patrons to enjoy their meals or rest their feet after shopping.

However, a man in Singapore recently took to Facebook to give the organisers some suggestions regarding who should use those tables.

He said that while the tables are free for all to use, priority should be given to Muslims breaking their fasts.

Source: Facebook

His opinion sparked lively debates among the online community and drew mixed reactions.

Non-Muslims should give up Ramadan Bazaar tables when it is time to break fast

In his post, which was shared on Friday (7 Apr), the OP wrote that it is okay for non-Muslims to use the tables at Ramadan bazaars.

That said, they should give up their seats to Muslims when it comes time for the latter to break their fast.

He advised non-Muslims to vacate the tables once they are done and not loiter. This is so that Muslims will have ample seats to have their meals when iftar comes.

In addition, the man suggested that the organisers of Ramadan bazaars put up posters stating that tables are only for Muslims after 6.30pm.

ramandan bazaar tables

Source: Facebook

Accompanying his post was a photo of a woman in a T-shirt and shorts having her meal at a Ramadan bazaar table.

Facebook users torn over issue

The OP’s idea garnered mixed reactions from those who saw the post.

Some Facebook users agreed with his sentiment, but others said the tables are for all to use and that no one should feel entitled to them.

One user thought that the man’s suggestion was “very good”.

They commented that similar measures have been implemented at Ramadan bazaars in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

ramandan bazaar tables

Source: Facebook

However, another believes that no one is entitled to the tables, even if they are fasting.

Muslims breaking their fasts can do so with a quick snack while waiting for tables, they noted. After that, they can have a full meal when it is their turn.

Source: Facebook

Others also said that those who require tables to break fast can just ask to share one with others.

This user recounted an experience where they asked if they could share a table with a non-Muslim couple, who readily agreed.

The user also noted that space constraints are to be expected at big bazaars.

ramandan bazaar tables

Source: Facebook

Whether you agree with the man’s post or not, it is always good to be considerate towards others.

Be gracious and offer your seat to those who need it more, regardless of where you are.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Wisma Geylang Serai on Facebook

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