Rat Hitches Ride On MRT, Commuters Raise Legs To Let Rodent Pass

Rat Hitches Ride On East-West Line MRT On 28 Apr

The Singapore MRT system and its ever-growing network ferry residents to every corner of the country every day.

While unique sights are not uncommon on MRTs, probably no one would expect to see a rat ‘hitching a ride’ on the train.

Source: @salimscorpio on TikTok

Various videos of the unlikely hitchhiker were uploaded on social media recently, each with a dose of confusion.

In one of the videos, the seated passengers unanimously lifted their legs up to let the rodent pass, almost like a mini Kallang Wave.

Passengers unfazed as rat hitches ride on East-West Line

According to the TikTok videos uploaded on Friday (28 Apr), the rodent seemed to have hitched a ride on an East-West Line train sometime in the afternoon.


When the rat wanting a free ride on the mrt 😎 #ratonmrt #ratfreeride #smrt

♬ It’s a Beautiful Day – Evan McHugh

This video shows the seated passengers nonchalantly looking at the little critter scoot around the cabin.

Some of them casually lift their legs up as though it was a frequent scenario.

Source: @salimscorpio on TikTok

When the rodent approached the end of the cabin, a woman in red squirmed and lifted her feet onto the train seats.

Source: @salimscorpio on TikTok

Compare that reaction with the previous one, and you’d wonder how the other passengers maintained their cool.

Commuters raise feet like mini Kallang wave

In another video, the rat was seen at a busier section of the train.


I found it funnier when everyone standby to lift their legs up. Coming through! #smrt #ratatouille #singapore #fypシ

♬ Cupid – Sped Up – EXE ROHIT


As it got close to the seats, the passengers, almost like a choreographed group, lifted their legs in a synchronised manner.

Source: @chrisstynn on TikTok

At the end of the video, the rat almost bumped into one of the passengers before the man moved away swiftly.

Source: @chrisstynn on TikTok

In one of the videos, the OP shared that several station staff had looked for the critter at one of the MRT stations.

However, it’s unclear what happened to the rat after its short cameo on the train.

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Featured image adapted from @salimscorpio on TikTok & @chrisstynn on TikTok.

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