Razer’s Fully Automated Mask Facility Can Manufacture Up To 5 Million Masks Per Month

As demand for the simple face mask is rises, gaming hardware company Razer has stepped in to make some for the public.

On Friday (24 Apr), Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan declared that their automated mask facility is now fully operational.

Here’s his announcement through a Facebook post.


Let’s take a look the gaming company’s push to fight the global pandemic.

Razer launches fully automated mask facility in 24 days

On 1 Apr, the gaming company unveiled plans to set up an automated face mask manufacturing line within 30 days.

But in a span of 24 days, they were able to launch their ambitious project that aims to provide masks across countries in Southeast Asia.


Through a video, the company revealed that the process of creating #MadeInSingapore masks only require machines and minimal human labor.

These high-quality masks will be certified to meet industry standards and protect their users.


Razer helps alleviate mask shortage

Although the automated mask facility looks simple, it was a costly endeavour in terms of money and effort.


As countries across Southeast Asia went into lockdown one by one, the company invested significant resources to set up the facility as soon as possible.

It is able to produce 5 million masks per month, with the ability to scale up if needed.


Razer also created a separate entity, Razer Health, to manage the complexities of medical device manufacturing. More information on this will be released shortly.

Kudos to Razer

Kudos to the team that made this facility a reality. This is especially timely, since wearing masks is now mandatory in Singapore.

Hopefully, we’ll have a consistent supply of face masks to get us through ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Featured image from Facebook.