34 More Recycling Machines Islandwide, Can Cop More Vouchers For Going Green

50 Recycling Machines Now Available Islandwide, Dispense Vouchers In Return

Everyone knows that we should be reducing, reusing and recycling more, but how many of us actually do it?

Recycling may not be common practice in Singapore yet, but with the addition of 34 more recycling bins islandwide, more Singaporeans will be able to start reducing their own waste.

Along with the existing 16 recycling bins, there are now a total of 50 recycling bins around the country that give out vouchers when you recycle.

Recycling machines lets you collect vouchers

The RecycleNSave recycling bins aren’t just any ordinary collection bin — they reward you for recycling.

Previously, they only gave out NTUC FairPrice cash vouchers, but now, they’ve been upgraded and give out more rewards.

You can redeem CapitaLand cash vouchers, free rides with Anywheel bike sharing, ActiveSG credit and even Sentosa Fun Pass tokens, just for recycling some plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

Machines available across Singapore

The 16 Single-Reward and 34 Multi-Reward machines are available across Singapore. For the exact locations of the machines, refer to RecycleNSave’s website here.

They’ll be available at malls like Bugis+, Bedok Mall, and Funan, as well as schools, stadiums and other facilities.


Single-Reward machines will continue to dispense only NTUC FairPrice cash vouchers, while Multi-Reward machines will dispense the other rewards like free bike rides and ActiveSG credit.

When inserting your containers, do ensure they’re clean and empty. Containers can’t be recycled if they’ve not been rinsed.

Do your part to be a little greener

With the recycling bins being more accessible and even rewarding now, hopefully more Singaporeans start taking action and doing their part for the environment.

All it takes is starting a simple habit, and encouraging your friends and family to do it as well. Putting an empty bottle into a recycling bin is hardly difficult, and we should all do our best to reduce waste where we can.

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