50 F&N Recycling Vending Machines Rolled Out By March 2020 Across Singapore

Scrounging around in your pockets for spare change to buy a can of 100 PLUS after an evening run is a familiar occurrence at vending machines littered around our neighbourhoods.


But after you’re done with your drink, don’t toss away the metal can just yet. You’re holding potential FairPrice vouchers in your hand.

Fraser & Neave (F&N) announced on Thursday (31 Oct) that they’ll be installing 50 special vending machines at heartland areas near FairPrice outlets across the island, through the first quarter of 2020.


Here’s how the new initiative works, so we can all play a part in saving the environment, and get discounts on our groceries in the process.

Drop off 4 used cans/bottles for cash coupons

Users typically use coins or credits to redeem drinks from vending machines, but the ‘Recycle N Save’ machine works in reverse.


For every 4 used plastic bottles or aluminium drink cans dropped into each machine, you’ll be able to claim $0.20 FairPrice coupons.


Do note that they should be emptied of all liquids, and be deposited ‘bottoms up’ into each machine.


When you’re done loading the cans or bottles, simply print your coupons directly at the same machine.

Vouchers accepted at Cheers, FairPrice & FairPrice Xpress

Of course, the catch is that they should be collected in sets of four – 4 bottles or 4 cans – and previously contain drinks from F&N’s brand.

They must also have readable barcodes for the scanners to identify them.

The discount coupons you print may be used at all Cheers, FairPrice or FairPrice Xpress outlets across the island.

Vending machines at JEM, Ang Mo Kio & Our Tampines Hub

Of the planned 50 machines, 10 have already been rolled out in heartland districts like Tampines, Jurong East & Ang Mo Kio.

Here’s the complete list and addresses of their locations.




So before you head over with your barang barang, do remember to check their site for more details first.

A little Xtra goes a long way

With this practical initiative, F&N hopes to encourage more Singaporeans to make recycling a part of their daily routines.

Although saving the Earth one can at a time should be its own reward, we won’t say no to a discount on our monthly grocery bills either.


Are you a fan of F&N’s new vending machines? Let us know if you’ll be hoarding your Ice Mountain water bottles to redeem some vouchers, from now on.

Featured image adapted from F&N via ChannelNewsAsia and RecycleNSave.SG.