These Bubble Tea Cup Recycling Bins In Tokyo Are Exactly What We Need In Singapore

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Bubble Tea Cup Recycling Bins Spotted In Harajuku, Japan

We’re all guilty of indulging in one too many cups of bubble tea within the week.

Besides the guilt we feel for our sugar addiction, eco-warriors among us will also feel paiseh for trashing plastic packaging directly into the bin.

Not everyone can afford to invest in a reusable BBT cup, so this district in Japan has found a wonderful new solution to help promote recycling for this drink in particular.


Say goodbye to messy bins with upturned drinks and boba all over the floor, and hello to a greener way to dispose of your cups in Harajuku, Japan.

Bubble Tea cup recycling bins help reduce plastic waste

Trash bins that are completely full – especially along crowded shopping districts in Orchard – are a ghastly sight, with cups of drinks strewn all around them.


This adorably designed recycling bin comes with a special receptacle for residual liquid and pearls to be discarded.


The issue with recycling used Bubble Tea cups is that they can’t be thrown directly into the ‘Plastics’ recycling bin as they usually contain too much liquid.

This bin solves the problem, and is a cute way to display our love for bubble tea in the streets.

Tokyo’s new measure to reduce plastic litter

For every BBT cup collected in the bins, ¥1 will be donated to “Greenbird’s environmental causes”, reports Timeout.

Timeout also shares that the design is a collab between Greenbird and Xie Xie Pearl to reduce litter on walkways in Tokyo thanks to our favourite beverage.

The bins have been installed as early as Thursday (1 Aug), and we’re honestly impressed at how aesthetic they look too.

We need this in Singapore too

We’re not sure why this is so, but there’s an opening time for the bin if you’d like to check it out while you’re on holiday.

Opening Times: 1.00pm – 6.00pm, Mon – Sun (Closed on Tues)
Nearest Train Station: Meiji Jingumae

Judging by the influx of artisan BBT shops that have graced our shores in recent months, should we have similar bins in Singapore too?

Let us know how you feel about them in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Excite News.

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