Red Bull Employee Sends Singapore Hotel Staff Energy Drinks To Keep Them Motivated

Hotel staff in Singapore have been going through an intense period recently.

Besides serving Singaporeans who booked staycations, they are at the beck and call of Stay-Home Notice (SHN) guests as well.

Recognising their hard work, an SHN guest who was being quarantined at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road decided to send them energy drinks to keep them going.


Being a staff of Red Bull Singapore, the feat was achievable. She even asked for other guests to share their respective hotels so she could send them drinks too.

Woman sent Red Bull drinks to hotel staff serving SHN guests

Earlier this month, the guest, known as Ms Keely, shared on Singapore Hotel Quarantine Information & Experience Facebook group her SHN experience at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road.


She said she was amazed at how hard the staff worked.

Apart from their basic tasks, the staff were constantly serving meals to SHN guests and bringing in deliveries.

That’s why she felt compelled to do something nice for them in return. Since she works for Red Bull, she said she will be sending the staff a case of drinks to enjoy.

Asked other SHN guests to share their hotels too

As Ms Keely was certain staff at other hotels were equally dedicated, she also asked members of the group to share the hotels they were at so that she could send them some drinks too.

Image courtesy of Ms Keely

She ends the post with immense positivity,

Let’s keep the people looking after us motivated and happy!

Wanted to repay staff for their hard work

Speaking to MS News, Ms Keely, who works as a field marketing manager with Red Bull, related that she was surprised to know that her post had been submitted as a tip-off.

Image courtesy of Ms Keely

She said she simply wanted to do something nice for the staff that served her during her SHN.

I was really astounded by how much they had to do! And it was all I could think of to repay them!

Netizens chime in to praise their hotel staff too

After her post was published, it didn’t take long for comments to pour in. Many guests were heartened by Ms Keely’s gesture.

Fellow guest at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road echoed her sentiments, saying that the staff had gone “above and beyond” her expectations, making a tough situation like quarantine, bearable.


A guest of JW Marriott posted a shout-out to the hotel, commending the staff for being timely and patient, especially when it came to answering their requests via daily phone calls.


Another guest at Genting Hotel in Jurong said it was nice of Ms Keely to think of other hotel staff, as she too shared the same sentiment about the establishment in the west.


Ms Keely told MS News that she successfully sent Red Bull drinks to all 23 hotels mentioned by guests who commented on her thread.

Spreading positivity during tough times is a powerful gesture

During tough times, it’s heartening to know someone like Ms Keely who’s eager to spread positivity among the community.

We hope her kind gesture touches the hearts of hotel staff, who are working hard to ensure guests are having a pleasant experience.

Have you served SHN recently? What’s the name of the hotel you would like to give a shout-out to? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Google Maps and courtesy of Ms Keely.