Singaporean’s Classmate Spilled Acid On Her When She Was 14

We all have horror stories from our adolescent, uniformed days.

But perhaps none will stand on par with Redditor u/chewtzehan’s story of getting splashed with lab acid and then being blamed and slapped for it by the wrongdoer’s mother.


Classmate wreaked havoc during chemistry class

The redditor – let’s call her Ms Chew – was 14 at the time that happened.

She was in a chemistry lab session and sat behind a notoriously riotous classmate, whom she identified as “EK”.

EK was being reprimanded by the teacher for refusing to carry out the class experiments.

The recalcitrant boy eventually blew up. He started shouting, smashing the table, and violently sweeping bottles of chemicals off it.

A not-so-accurate reenactment

Drenched in sulphuric acid

Poor Ms Chew happened to be in the way of the spilled chemicals’ trajectory.

She recalls the acid dripping from her hair and flowing down her back. Naive and utterly terrified, she imagined that the acid was already beginning to eat into her skin.

Fortunately, after the acid was washed off, there was nothing left but a few red spots — probably mild irritations.

Called to the DM’s office

The next day, Ms Chew and EK were called into the discipline master’s (DM) office. EK’s mother was present as well.

The DM began by telling EK’s mother what had happened — EK had an outburst in class and spilled acid onto Ms Chew.

The mother immediately retorted,

So? Does that seem to be a problem? Why not just ask (Ms Chew) to not sit in front of EK then?

Absurd. We know. Which was why the DM seemed to pay her no heed and gave EK a 5-day suspension from school.

At that point, EK’s mother’s face was flushed red with anger.

EK’s mother blames and slaps

As soon as the trio stepped out of the office, EK’s mother threw Ms Chew a slap and yelled at her or supposedly ‘getting’ her son suspended.

Being a reserved girl, Ms Chew did not know how to react. The fuming mother then threw another slap, the force of which caused the young girl to fall to the ground.

The DM heard the ruckus and quickly stepped in to break things up.


Eventually, EK and his mother had to be dragged out of the school by security guards.

EK moved to a private school

From what Ms Chew heard, EK was later enrolled in a private school. She also heard that the punishments there varied, depending on your family’s income. We’re assuming the richer your family is, the more immunity you get.

She then laments the plight of his new classmates — how they would have to suffer his unrestrained rambunctiousness.

Hopefully, no one else had the misfortune of having lab acid run down their backs or being delivered on the cheeks sudden double-slaps by an angry mother.

Featured image from SSTC.