Redditor Reminds S’pore Residents To Dispose Of Bulky Waste Properly After CNY Spring Cleaning

Most families that celebrate Chinese New Year start cleaning at least a week before the actual day. It’s common practice to do so in order to avoid sweeping the new year’s luck out from the house.

As we eagerly prepare to welcome the new year, the cleaners will have a heavier workload than usual due to the mess we leave behind.

Thus, Redditor moonchild1001 posted a heartfelt appeal on Friday (17 Jan) for Singapore residents to dispose of their bulky refuse responsibly.


Don’t leave bulky refuse by the chute

Throwing out worn-out sofas and bags of old books or clothes during spring cleaning is a regular affair.

However, many end up placing these bags outside their housing units or beside the rubbish chute when the bags do not fit.

Residents may even leave some of these items around the lift lobbies on the first floor.


Not only do they make for an unsightly appearance, they also make cleaners’ jobs a lot more difficult.

Use bins for their intended purposes

Bins shouldn’t be misused too. Recycling bins are meant for recyclables and thus, should not have trash like expired food or clothes.


Separating the recyclables from the waste will surely be a nightmare.

More work for elderly cleaners

The Redditor pointed out that there are elderly cleaners “who need rest and cannot [outdo] themselves”.

Cleaners have to clean numerous storeys in addition to the surroundings of the blocks, which often takes up an entire day.


Having to clear our trash from our doorsteps means they will have to do more work than they’re supposed to, which would exhaust them greatly.

Call for free bulky waste disposal

Disposing of bulky items at common areas is illegal, according to various town council websites. If you need help to do so, simply call the town council, who will most likely send workers over to manage the process.


Many town councils provide the monthly service for residents of the estate without a fee.

Do note that you will have to make the request in advance. How early you need to apply for the service will depend on your town council.

There is a limit to the number of items each unit can throw away using this service.

Put yourselves in others’ shoes

Elderly cleaners sweeping our neighbourhood streets and clearing the trash isn’t an uncommon sight.

Seeing them doing such menial tasks is heartbreaking enough, so let’s not make work harder for them.

In the Redditor’s own words,

It’s not the cleaner’s job to help you clean up your spring cleaning mess.

Be more considerate during spring cleaning

If some items at home don’t spark joy for you anymore, remember to throw them away in a considerate manner.

Better yet, you can donate usable items that are in good condition to EcoBank, a zero-waste movement, as suggested by another Redditor Hello_Yello.

Remember to give only what you would want to receive.


Currently, EcoBank has 8 collection points opened till 31 Jan. You can find your nearest collection point here.

Featured image adapted from Zero Waste SG and Facebook.