Man rescues naughty monkey stranded in middle of lake in M’sia, scolds it so it stays put in boat

Man rescues & scolds monkey stranded in lake in Malaysia

Last week, a man posted a series of TikTok videos where he rescues a monkey that found itself stranded in the middle of a lake in Malaysia.

The post has since gone viral and racked up over 2 million views. This was due to the monkey causing a needless amount of trouble for the man while he tried to rescue the primate, leading him to scold it in dialect as if it was a child.

Man rescues naughty monkey

The two TikTok videos were posted by user @amazonhouseboat, which is a Malaysian company offering rental boats and tours in Tasir Kenyir.

Source: @amazonhouseboat on TikTok

In the first video, the monkey can be seen holding onto a rope that the man extended for it. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the monkey lets go of the rope.

The man then lets out a yelp of pure surprise as the monkey falls back into the water. The primate then decides to swim under the boat. A little later, the naughty primate can be seen a fair distance away before just floating listlessly.

Source: @amazonhouseboat on TikTok

Turning his boat around, the man slowly drives his way towards the helpless monkey to once again try to rescue it before the video ends.

Scolding it while giving it ride to land

In a follow-up post, the sequel picks up where the last video left off. The man is seen holding the monkey by its tail and lifting it onto his boat.

Once on the boat, he points at the monkey and tells it to sit at the front quietly. The monkey climbs onto the edge of the boat as if to try to once again jump into the water, but then shakes itself dry.

The monkey then follows the man’s stern instructions as they make their way onto dry land.

Source: @amazonhouseboat on TikTok

Once they touch down, the monkey gets off and speeds away without even sparing its rescuer a look.

“You didn’t even say thanks to me!” the man says as their time together ends.

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Featured image adapted from @amazonhouseboat on TikTok

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