Serangoon Condo Resident Confirmed To Have Covid-19, Management Shuts Down Shared Facilities

On 26 Feb (Wednesday), the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed 3 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Singapore.

Among them was apparently a resident at Chiltern Park, a condominium in Serangoon.


After the resident tested positive for Covid-19, the management has since stepped up disinfecting efforts in the common areas.

Moreover, they have also temporarily suspended the use of some condo facilities.

Condo management closed indoor facilities and playgrounds

In a notice addressed to Chiltern Park tenants, the condo management announced the closure of indoor facilities and playgrounds in the estate.


Residents are reassured that a more elaborate cleaning procedure will be introduced in light of the recent development.

This is to maintain the cleanliness of public spaces and ensure a safe environment for all.

Additionally, they will be placing hand sanitisers in lifts, restrooms, and staircases for convenient disinfection on a day to day basis.

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Furthermore, the private estate’s management is also requiring their staff to undergo temperature screening twice a day in order to monitor their health condition.

The resident is believed to be the 92nd case in Singapore

According to Lianhe Zaobao, it’s believed that the resident in question is a 47-year-old man who started exhibited symptoms on 17 Feb.

On 24 Feb, he stopped by Sengkang Hospital after visiting a GP clinic twice.


MOH tested him positive for the virus on 27 Feb and informed the condominium’s management office ASAP.

Hope residents will be able to go about their normal lives

With the precautionary measures taken by the condo’s management, we believe residents will be able to go about their lives normally.

Most importantly, it is additionally important for everyone to observe good personal hygiene and to seek medical treatment ASAP if one feels unwell.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps