10 Singapore Restaurants Face Fines & Suspensions For Breaching Safe Distancing Rules

Now that we finally get to socialise in person again, many have been quick to arrange meetings with friends they haven’t met in months.

The maximum 5 in a group rule means it’s hard to get everyone together, but some choose to not let this deter them. It seems like they’ve found ways to bend the rules too, as restaurants have reportedly accommodated to larger groups on many occasions.


The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has identified 10 such establishments in the latest investigation, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA) today (27 Aug).

Restaurants repeatedly broke safe distancing rules

Quoting the URA, CNA wrote that several restaurants, particularly in the China Square and Prinsep Street area, had been “repeatedly breaching” safe distancing rules.

Some of the ways they had done so included:

  • accepting reservations for more than 5 people
  • allowing large groups to intermingle across tables
  • allowing alcohol consumption on site after 10.30pm
  • not keeping a 1-metre distance between tables

3 outlets have to suspend dine-ins for 10 days

For breaking safe distancing rules, 3 restaurants in Singapore have to suspend dine-ins for 10 days, from 28 Aug to 6 Sep. They are:

  • Der Biergarten at Prinsep Street
  • The Mask Restaurant and Bar at Circular Road
  • Zui Yu Xuan Teochew Cuisine at Amoy Street

According to TODAY, URA also fined Der Biergarten $2,000 for repeat offences.


The Folks Collective and Botan at China Square meanwhile have to suspend all alcohol sales for the same duration.

Another 5 outlets got off with a warning and a fine, namely:

  • Place 2 R.E.A.D at Prinsep Street
  • STAGE at Prinsep Street
  • Kanpai 2.0 at Church Street
  • Srisun Express (location undisclosed)
  • SOS Salad & Sandwich Bar at Holland Village

Help restaurants adhere to Covid-19 measures

In light of the recent findings, URA has advised restaurants to prevent situations which may encourage customers to break safe distancing rules — no multiple reservations, nor allowing large groups to sit together.

If they spot any customers being uncooperative, they should step in and resolve the issue.

Beyond F&B staff, however, some of the responsibility lies with us as customers to look after everyone’s safety.

Clearly breaking the rules not only affects us, but the businesses as well. Let’s do good during these tough times and ensure that we don’t jeopardise other people’s rice bowls.

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