These Edible Rice Straws Are Fully Biodegradable

You may have used metal, paper, and even bamboo straws, as an increasing number of food establishments attempt to make the shift towards a more environmentally sustainable business model.

But have you heard of rice straws?  Yup rice, those pieces of grain that we have for our everyday meals.

They are apparently being made into drinking straws that are now already being used in Singapore.


Made of rice and tapioca

As its name suggests, rice straws are made of rice – duh – and tapioca.


This means they are 100% edible. So if your cup of ice latte isn’t enough to fill your tummy, simply chew onto the straw for some handy carbs.

The straws are fully biodegradable and will decompose within 90 days.

Lasts up to 10 hours in cold drinks

Unlike rice crackers that dissolve with the slightest moisture, rice straws boast some pretty impressive ‘resistance’ to liquids.


According to CNA, these straws can withstand 4-10 hours in cold drinks, and 2-3 hours in hot drinks.

But that’s probably an overkill, considering how we typically finish our drinks within an hour, tops. Just remember not to leave them overnight submerged in bubble tea, or you’ll have to figure out how else to ‘suck’ em pearls out.

The rice straws come in a myriad of colours, so they’ll surely look stunning on your Instagram feed too.


Muslim friends won’t need to worry about biting into these rice straws as they are certified Halal.

Rice straws already being used in Singapore hotels

These edible straws made their Singapore debut in March this year, at an F&B exhibition.

Since then, they have apparently been used in some hotels here.

Save the planet one straw at a time

We are heartened that more entrepreneurs are coming up with sustainable innovations without compromising on their practical uses.

Let’s hope more F&B joints will join in the movement to eliminate single-use straws so as to lessen the harmful effects on our environment.

Featured image from DailyHive